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Perfector - Garnier BB Cream

The pollution in our environment and many other hidden aspects related to health may cause skin problem for many. Today, you can see various skin problems like dark spots, dull complexion (due to direct sun exposure), dehydration -which makes skin dry and damaged any many other. Continue reading…

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What is it that our skin needs, or wants? Is it not the question that sometimes bothers us when we see our skin reacting in incomprehensible peculiar ways? The Garnier BB Cream does. Also known as the Garnier skin renew miracle skin perfector, this cream is like an onion peel revealing its extraordinary qualities with every layer. Garnier’s BB Cream is a revolutionary skincare product that brightens covers and moisturizes the skin while providing instant fairness and protection through SPF 15 sunscreen. This one simple product holds the potential to renew, brighten, even, hydrate and protect your skin just after a single application, and this only gets better with time. Continue reading…

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The Beauty with a Smile Smile is the most beautiful thing that God has created on Earth. A smile can make all the worries go away; a smile can pass on true feelings; a smile can make you happy and feel on top of this world.

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A leading California-based, professional hair brand, Sexy Hair Concepts connects people around the world through the energy of creativity; self expression and education!

Sexy Hair Concepts brings to life the irresistible experience of a sexier look and lifestyle. Always on thepulse of what’s new and hot, Sexy Hair has been producing high-qualityhair care products for those in the professional beauty industry for overa decade.

Today, stylists look to Sexy Hair for the latest and greatest products to achieve the hottest and trendiest looks. Continue reading…

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[Lahore, 03 February 2012] Having introduced the International Fashion Academy Pakistan [IFAP] in November 2011, Model and Entrepreneur Mehreen Syed along with her team announce the commencement of the first batch of classes at IFAP as of 30 January 2012.

A multi-dimensional academy and indeed among the first of its kind in Pakistan, IFAP’s mission is to establish a platform that allows the next generation of fashion industry professionals, specifically stylists, models, makeup artists and photographers, to study their field in a professional environment, equipping aspiring specialists with the technical know-how and exposure enabling such students to be able to pursue such studies as a viable career. Continue reading…

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KARACHI: Color Studio, probably Pakistan’s most innovative and exciting make-up brand, has launched an exciting new nail color which is more than just a color. It is crackle color, and looks almost like nail art when it’s spread out on the nails.

One blogger described Color Studio’s Crackle Color in these words: “This is my first crackle polish. My sister was adamant that I try this, so I got myself this one from Colorstudio’s Pro Nails line at Dolmen Mall. They also have one in white as well.”

Annie Mansoor, CEO of Allenora Annie’s Signature Salon, was all praise for Crackle Nail Colors. “Crackle nail colors are unique, and fun and exciting and these truly add oomph to any get-up,” said Mansoor, all praise for Color Studio’s crackle colors. Continue reading…

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Always keeping a good style & beauty enhance the personality no matter what age you are. Ups & Downs are the part of life, the main thing is this that you are special and you shouldn’t ignore yourself. Own the eye catching beauty & style in every stage of age. A few simple & easy tricks can make you look cute & younger no matter what age you are.

Beauty Care:

Always maintain a good hygiene. Bad hygiene, bad body odor greasy skin etc cant make you stylish and cute. Always take special care of your skin of all body no matter what your age. Continue reading…

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