8 Steps to Apply Matte Makeup

Matte Makeup

Oily skinned people, cheer! Matte makeup is hitting the fashion world by storm. Here are some simple steps to attaining the perfect matte skin tone.

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1.) Exfoliate the skin for a soft, fresh start before applying makeup. Splash face with moderate warm water and use a good exfoliant. Rub in circles all over the face, focusing your chin, forehead, cheeks, and sides of nose, where dead skin is most probably to accumulate. Rinse thoroughly and then dry vigorously with a soft towel.

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2.) Apply a good toner using a cotton square or a cotton ball. Proactive Toner is the best toner for oily skin, as it stabilities the PH level so our skin is not exposed completely of moisture. Toner sterilizes pores and then seals them, to help stop makeup and dirt from clogging inside.

Don’t applying any toners which contain any type of alcohol, as it shreds skin of all moisture and actually seals pores so tightly that dirt gets stuck inside. (If you usually apply a moisturizer, do so after the toner has dried out).

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3.) Apply Milk of Magnesia for oil control. (Yes, many people will object, for recommended this, but for people with extremely oily skin it actually works!) The Magnesium in this product is highly effective in absorbing extra oil. Dip the top of a cotton ball into Milk of Magnesia, original formula and unflavored.

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Swipe the cotton ball over your T-Zone (nose, cheeks, chin, & forehead) so that just an almost translucent layer of wetness can be seen. You don’t need to use much. Allow it to dry fully for about 3 minutes before moving to the next step.

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4.) Apply a Mattifying face powder as a primer by using a soft and fluffy powder brush. Dust it on over your whole face, including eyelids, as it will help act as a primer for crease-free eye shadow.

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5.) Spot and apply concealer on any areas you need to hide; such as dark under eye circles, acne & freckles. Put concealer onto acne spots or dark areas and gently blend outwards with fingertip or concealer brush. Don’t use any concealers that are oil-based, as these will clog up the pores.

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6.) Apply a decent quality matte foundation. This can be done by applying a foundation brush, or fingers. Dab a bit of foundation on chin, nose and cheeks, then blend using downward motions. Repeat this process on forehead, but blend upwards toward the hair line.

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If you are using mineral foundation, blend into skin using Kabuki Brush in circular motions. Just remember, the higher end brands will always give you better coverage and a longer lasting matte finish. If there is one cosmetic product for which you should pay top dollar, it should be ‘Foundation’.


7.) Apply finishing powder to set your makeup and absorb oil. Using a soft and fluffy powder brush, apply another dusting of the Mattify! And loose powder for oily skin. If you generally use a colored loose setting powder, apply the Mattify! first, then your regular colored powder. The Mattify! Powder will ensure your matte look, and provides 5 times more oil control than regular face powder alone.

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8.) Voila! Your matte makeup is done. Keep a jar of the Mattify! Powder with you all the time for touch-ups throughout the day to retain skin matte look. If your skin starts to get glossy, you can blot it on with a powder puff without troubling your makeup. Since the product is translucent, it will not look caked or add undesirable color when applied frequently.

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