8 Steps to Apply Winter Season Makeup

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1) Use Cover-Up:

First You should use your favorite coverup to cover any blemishes and dark circles. If you have oily skin, also use powder to take away shiny spots.It should be helpful for your fresh look.

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2) Work with your Eyebrows:

Color in your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush. Make sure the color is about three shades lighter than your natural hair color. If you want to save some cash, just use a pencil brush and eyeshadow. It can get a little more messy looking, so apply carefully.

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3) Apply Eyeshadow:

Use a frosty color eye shadow, like a pale white with sparkles, and apply to your eyelids at the base. Don’t go past the rime of your eyelid. Take a brown/gold color, and apply over your white eyeshadow. With a gold sparkly eye shadow, brush that over top of your brown/gold and white shadow. So you get three layers that really make your eyes stand out, for any color of eyes. Take your white sparkly eyeshadow again and place with your finger or a small brush onto the top of your eyelid. So wherever the highest place of your eye stops is where you should apply it.

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4) Apply Eyeliner:

Remember to take a white eyeliner pencil and rime your lower lash line. Use a blend brush if needed to make your eyeliner more natural looking. Line your upper lash line with a black liquid liner pencil. The liquid black makes the gold stand out more. Also wing the eyeliner at the ends of your eyes to make them appear lager and will also look more fun and cute. This way your eyes will look fresh and charming.

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5) Use False Eyelashes:

This step also will add some more freshness on your face. But it will make the look more festive. Buy false eyelashes with some holiday glam on it (sparkles). You can also put them on your bottom lash line to make it seem like your not wearing false eyelashes as much. Remember to curl your fake and real eyelashes while the fake ones are drying so they will still be curled and your real and fake eyelashes will come together to look more natural. Always be alert when you purchasing from market. Every time try to buy best brand from market.

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6) Apply Mascara:

It’s time to use your black mascara to finish off your eyes! Never forget to use this step in your winter look makeup.

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7) Use Blush:

Remember to add a light pink or light cherry blush to bring your face to life.It will add fresh look to your face beauty.
Beauty in winter

8) Work on Your Lips:

Here is one more option for you. You can use red lip stick to finish off the look, or for a younger approach, use cherry lip gloss.

WOW…!!! Now your final winter look is ready for facing the bad effects of winter on your skin and eyes.

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