Color Studio: Crackle Nail Color

KARACHI: Color Studio, probably Pakistan’s most innovative and exciting make-up brand, has launched an exciting new nail color which is more than just a color. It is crackle color, and looks almost like nail art when it’s spread out on the nails.

One blogger described Color Studio’s Crackle Color in these words: “This is my first crackle polish. My sister was adamant that I try this, so I got myself this one from Colorstudio’s Pro Nails line at Dolmen Mall. They also have one in white as well.”

Annie Mansoor, CEO of Allenora Annie’s Signature Salon, was all praise for Crackle Nail Colors. “Crackle nail colors are unique, and fun and exciting and these truly add oomph to any get-up,” said Mansoor, all praise for Color Studio’s crackle colors.

The Crackle Nail Colors works perfectly if you apply the crackle color over completed dried nail polish. Before you apply the crackle color you need to make sure that the nail color you use as your base is completely dry. There is no need to apply multiple coats of crackle nail color. One coat is enough and gives the crackle effect.
Crackle colors can be mixed and matched with a vast range of nail colors.

Color Studio’s crackle nail colors are just part of the extensive range of products put forth by Color Studio, Pakistan’s premier brand of makeup. The Color Studio range also includes lipsticks, lip liners and eye shadows.

Designed for Make Up Artists and Make up Addicts, Color Studio Professional products are designed to be a “Feel Good Skin Products”. Infused with Vitamins and created with patented ingredients and the backing of hundreds of years of Cosmetic Research and Development the brand symbolizes High Performance Make up at a great value for consumers. With our leading Research and Development partners in North America and Europe each Color Studio Professional product is designed using innovative skin friendly ingredients that protect and nourish the skin.

The Color Studio Professional product range is created with the Make Up Professional and Make Up lover in mind, each product is developed keeping in mind the needs of the Photo Shoot. Our innovative foundation provides effective Sun Protection from UVA and UVB rays as well as protects the face from photo aging, the perfect product for the face. Our Pro Nail Lacquer is created to be chip resistant and long lasting; depending on the color it takes one to two coats in application and lasts you for days.

The Color Studio Professional exclusively showcases its new products through fashion shows and provides custom products for fashion designers and fashion shows every season. Color Studio Professional products are sold through salons and by independent Make Up Artists.

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