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Swarovski BrandLeading fashion retail brand Nishat Linen has announced the introduction of the Swarovski Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Swarovski, the world-wide leading manufacturer of cut crystal, revisits its brand identity and reinterprets its style codes, and renews its inspiration to deliver an on-trend collection with the brand’s signature glamour and sparkle. Continue reading…

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Silversiz JewelrySilversiz – the silver jewellery store collections are available at Fashion Central Multi Brand store which we expect will be a source of delight for the large number of fashion shoppers who have already expressed desires to see her name on this shopping platform. Continue reading…

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nida azwer

The Nida Azwer Atelier launched their latest brand expansion with a new line of permanent accessories across their stand-alone boutiques by the name of “Nida Azwer Accessories”. The first collections of accessories are available at all Nida Azwer stores now.

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So with spring comes in the coolness not just of the breeze and the gorgeous flowers but with elements that make you look just as fresh and renewed as the weather itself.

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girls best friend

Gemstones add aesthetic appeal to a woman’s overall appearance. They come in several types, each type unique in appearance and market value. The field of gemstones thrives on opulence, hedonism and affluence. They are seen as a symbol of perfection and natural beauty or they are looked at through monetary glasses.

Gemstones have multipurpose use in Pakistan. The basic focus of our jewel sellers is to efficiently and effectively provide a backhand support to their business. Of all the huge variety of gems, diamonds are by far the most popular and also the most expensive! Continue reading…

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Fashion Central eShop, An Unparalleled Shopping Experience

As people are more aware about what is coming in and out in market, it has became very important for the brands to come up with something different yet appealing. To cater to the evolving needs of fashion enthusiasts, couple of brand stores has opened up with exclusive product range at attractive price points. In the mainstream of intense competition amongst fashion brands, another brand has emerged to facilitate the online shoppers “The Fashion Central e Shop”. Continue reading…

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