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The Nida Azwer Atelier launched their latest brand expansion with a new line of permanent accessories across their stand-alone boutiques by the name of “Nida Azwer Accessories”. The first collections of accessories are available at all Nida Azwer stores now.

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So with spring comes in the coolness not just of the breeze and the gorgeous flowers but with elements that make you look just as fresh and renewed as the weather itself.

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girls best friend

Gemstones add aesthetic appeal to a woman’s overall appearance. They come in several types, each type unique in appearance and market value. The field of gemstones thrives on opulence, hedonism and affluence. They are seen as a symbol of perfection and natural beauty or they are looked at through monetary glasses.

Gemstones have multipurpose use in Pakistan. The basic focus of our jewel sellers is to efficiently and effectively provide a backhand support to their business. Of all the huge variety of gems, diamonds are by far the most popular and also the most expensive! Continue reading…

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Fashion Central eShop, An Unparalleled Shopping Experience

As people are more aware about what is coming in and out in market, it has became very important for the brands to come up with something different yet appealing. To cater to the evolving needs of fashion enthusiasts, couple of brand stores has opened up with exclusive product range at attractive price points. In the mainstream of intense competition amongst fashion brands, another brand has emerged to facilitate the online shoppers “The Fashion Central e Shop”. Continue reading…

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ENNZ The Art of Creative Jewelry Designing The title of this article seems grammatically incorrect. However, there is no mistake. There is the science and discipline of jewelry making, even jewelry designing. Then there is the art of it. And to top it off, there is certainly the art of creative jewellery designing. Continue reading…

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JADE Accessories was born in 2011 and is inspired by the eclectic and international flavour of fashion found in the Middle East where the traditional is often juxtaposed with the cutting edge to create unique and exciting fashion statements.

The JADE philosophy is to create wearable art. Our jewellery artistically combines a variety of materials both semi precious and artificial, to bring out the ‘real’ beauty of each material. Every pieces if hand crafted by designers and jewellery artists from around the Middle East including Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt and of course by us in Pakistan. Continue reading…

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Jewellery fashion 2011 is majored on pearls and other semi precious stones. Focusing the crazy hype of pearls and beads in Pakistani jewellery trend, Fashion Central brings forth the upcoming jewellery fashion

Pearls are perceived as royal and classic. The very name portrays a queenly image when thought of. Jewellery fashion 2011 all over the world is on Classics. The flashy, oversized and noticeable ornaments are in vogue. Multi layered long lengthed necklaces, Thick bangles; long dangling earrings are the jewellery fashion tide of the day. Pakistani jewellery trend when analyzed this year seems a big spotlight on pearls. All the fashion models] on ramps  and red carpet events are seen wearing big pearls usually dyed. The increasing gold price has moved the jewellery fashion 2011 towards a new direction where the focus in not on the metal rather gems. Semi precious gems, pearls and beads are jewellery fashion theme, as they are a true symbol of feminine beauty. The delicate and soft look, specific of pearls, is considered to be the depiction of a complete woman with all her emotions. This is the very reason of pearls being taken as Classics. Continue reading…

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