The Famous Nose Jewellery

Every girl wants to look gorgeous and nose jewellery adds style to her persona. In Eastern countries, women love to wear diamond nose pins as a part of tradition and fashion.

Today, majority of women have become fashion conscious and are going for nose piercing. When women attire the beautiful fashionable earrings and nose jewellery, it make them look feminine and attractive towards their friends and family.

Nose rings are another form of nose jewellery that is quite popular in young girls and you can see lot of them wearing. Though they are popular here but their origin was in the Middle East.

In subcontinent the trend of wearing nose rings as nose jewellery came with the arrival of the Mughals. Nose rings, zircons and diamond nose pins are popularly known as Nath and are also known by other names such as Nathni, Koka and Laung. In some customs and traditions, it is necessary for a girl to get her nose pierced.College girls prefer to go in for the stylish beaded artificial simple or diamond nose pins. Nose jewellery gives some girls very trendy and hip hop kind of look and reflects their Eastern persona. Interestingly, nose pins offers amazing looks and is also price friendly for the bold and beautiful. Their price in gold range between Rs 2000 and above. However, if you are looking for artificial ones, they may range for Rs 500 and above.

Today in Pakistan, the trend of nose jewellery is largely dependent on the area of the nose where the nose rings will be worn. Circular barbells, also known as nath, are also worn on weddings. Many women have their nose rings around the age of 16 which is traditionally the marriageable age even though today unmarried women and even young girls in Asia may also wear diamond nose rings.

There are, beautifully designed nose jewellery available online and in jewellery store and offers designs in variety: They are called artificially nose rings, nose pin or ring, koka, nathni and you name it.

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