ENNZ: The Art of Creative Jewelry Designing

ENNZ The Art of Creative Jewelry DesigningThe title of this article seems grammatically incorrect. However, there is no mistake. There is the science and discipline of jewelry making, even jewelry designing. Then there is the art of it. And to top it off, there is certainly the art of creative jewellery designing.

I want to talk about that kind of creativity in jewellery designing. Some people wait years before their creative talents are recognized.

Starting journey some seven years back Nosheen has create Ennz which become a booming success in a very short time, earning an aggressively increasing clientele locally and internationally because of Nosheen Aamir’s ability ENNZ The Art of Creative Jewelry Designingto maintain the delicacy and finesse associated with the femininity yet breaking out of the stereotypical fragility associated with females and empowering the 21st century through bold cut gems and spouting colors grooved in finest of metals.

The sparkle has returned to the jewelry industry after years of, well, lusterless sale. The art of creative jewellery designing is then the removal of the effort, science and logic of piecing jewellery components together. Let the components fall where they may (but edit a little).

Nosheen Amir says; “I weave my designs around the stone. My inspiration is stone color and and Egyptian art designs love playing with simple lines and spirals.”

ENNZ The Art of Creative Jewelry DesigningStyle in art refers to the way the work is made. Egyptian style is largely uniform for three thousand years. Art represents the world. But in ancient Egypt, art reflected a very particular worldview. Egyptian art reflected an idealized world and ignored any part of the world that did not fit the ideal. Egyptian art also incorporated certain fictions in order to express a larger truth.

You can find the heavy Egyptian reflection in ENNZ jewelry motifs and “glyptic art.”

Expanding the canvas of female embellishment, Ennz is now growing bigger every day expanding its circumference of availability to the Mid Eastern, Western and soon the European arena.

By: Maryum Deen

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