Pearls Jewellery Fashion in Pakistan

Jewellery fashion 2011 is majored on pearls and other semi precious stones. Focusing the crazy hype of pearls and beads in Pakistani jewellery trend, Fashion Central brings forth the upcoming jewellery fashion

Pearls are perceived as royal and classic. The very name portrays a queenly image when thought of. Jewellery fashion 2011 all over the world is on Classics. The flashy, oversized and noticeable ornaments are in vogue. Multi layered long lengthed necklaces, Thick bangles; long dangling earrings are the jewellery fashion tide of the day. Pakistani jewellery trend when analyzed this year seems a big spotlight on pearls. All the fashion models] on ramps  and red carpet events are seen wearing big pearls usually dyed. The increasing gold price has moved the jewellery fashion 2011 towards a new direction where the focus in not on the metal rather gems. Semi precious gems, pearls and beads are jewellery fashion theme, as they are a true symbol of feminine beauty. The delicate and soft look, specific of pearls, is considered to be the depiction of a complete woman with all her emotions. This is the very reason of pearls being taken as Classics.

Jewellery fashion always depicts and defines a woman’s true soul and whims as it changes rapidly. Pakistani jewellery trend is visible in today’s designer jewellery crafts. Many jewellers, such as Saba Ghauri and Hanif jewellers have used pearls as their major in all 2011 designs only for their exotic and glamourous finish.

Pearls, a best fit for amplified and loud oversized jewellery pieces, have added a royal touch, ambiance and novelty to the jewellery fashion 2011. The newness comes from the latest colors in which the pearls are dyed these days so that they can compliment any sort of outfit. This is what distinguishes today’s Pakistani jewellery trend from the yester year and the old 70s pearl jewellery fashion which was absolutely out till the last year.

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