Challenging Pakistani Dramas

Three Pakistani dramas on TV have attracted attention of the viewers as they are different from the usual run-of-the-mill plots.

The huge consolation is that our drama crews have grown to a fairly acceptable level of maturity. What, the latest addition of dramas offer is superb entertainment through a combination of good storytelling plus themes that are simply challenging. Continue reading…

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Wedding Party Hairstyles

Every girl wants to look the best for the occasion. Hair do is the most essential part in your overall persona. If hair are made properly with good styling, nothing can be as music attractive when compare to them. Continue reading…

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Islamic New Year

Fashion Central wishes its fans and followers a Happy new year, May  Allah Almighty makes us to grow in Islam & to be steadfast in prayers. May this hijra (1436) bring us abundant blessing & guide us to become a truly devoted & humble Muslim. Ameen. Have a  Blessed Islamic New Year.

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health risks trendy wardrobes

There are new trends that are coming up by each passing day. Fashion is one of the most wanted and the hardest hit industries of all times. With each passing day there are lots of trends coming up in this industry. From the apparels, shoes and the handbags to every single bit like mobile covers are now taken as the fashion symbol. There are new cuts that are introduced each day by various designers. All are liked by the target market, depending upon the taste the end user has for the specific design. Continue reading…

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Pakistani Female Actresses

Turning into an actor and cashing your skills the best seems one of the easiest ways to become rich. However, like any other profession, even this one demands much of your time, hard work and talent, especially when you are newly launched. Continue reading…

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movie Malik

The Pakistani cinema industry has revived with the passage of time. This raising trend can be seen with the growing number of releases in a year. After Operation O21 and Na Maloom Afraad, our cinema brings us yet another remarkable film to look forward to, “Malik”. For all those who are big fans of Humayun Saeed can now see him in his upcoming flick in which the actor is playing a lead role. Continue reading…

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Mosted visited Places

God bless all the tourists who run around the globe checking out all those famous spots that simply can’t be missed. While the can’t-be-missedness of some of the world’s most famous attractions is debatable (ask any New Yorker, for instance, and you’ll hear that Times Square is a total waste of time), they certainly draw lots of eyeballs.

Here are the 50 spots around the world where everyone you see is a tourist.
Continue reading…

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