Your Face Reveals Your Health

Don’t you often hear your family or friends telling you that perhaps you haven’t been taking much care of yourself, either because of insufficient sleep or not having plentiful water? How can they tell? The bags under your eyes let them know the deal. According to Oriental medicine, you face can tell a lot about your health and health status of your vital organs.

This is very true. Our body is a mere reflection of what we are, both physically and mentally. Face reading experts say that some skin or body problems can be dealt with easily if you treat the organs which are infact the reason behind it in the first place.

Here are a few techniques of face reading which can help u benefit your health and body:

The Forehead

Your forehead is responsible for showing signs of strengths and weaknesses of your nervous system’s function. The lines and wrinkles on your forehead simply signify that you are more of a deep-thinker than an instinct follower. Which means the person prefers to be more practical and less emotional as thinking is linked with the brain and instinct with the heart.

In case you have pimples on your forehead that is a mere reason of excessive thinking which sucks up a lot of your energy, especially directly from your nutrition. Thus, the pimples are the very reason due to a weak digestive system. Oriental medicine reveals that the forehead region is related to the gall bladder, liver and stomach. If these organs are depositing toxins instead of eliminating them, in that very case, pimples in the forehead are produced.

Your forehead reveals even about your liver. Lines between your eyebrows indicate the health of your liver. If this area has pimples, it clearly indicates that your liver is not functioning properly. In order to fix this problem decrease use of animal products and spices and add more vegetables to your diet. Exercising and Yoga is a perfect remedy.

To avoid these blemishes from appearing, first and foremost thing is to avoid thinking too much and keep a light approach towards life. Be more joyful and enjoy your moments. You will gradually FEEL the difference and a fresher you. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet and things to avoid include caffeine, processed foods and animal products. Drinking enough water flushes out toxins and keeps your skin hydrated.

The mid face

Your mid face includes the area beneath your eyes till the bottom of your nose. Blemishes in this area directly indicate mal-functions of heart and lungs. While areas around the eyes reflect health of your kidneys, stomach and your liver.

If your lungs are healthy, your cheeks would be clear and rosy. Dark or shallow skin reveals poor functioning of the lungs. Incase your cheeks are shallow, quit eating fatty foods and smoking. More vegetables and more fruits with a proper exercise routine is the best solution. Redness, rashes or swelling in the cheeks also show signs of lung’s imbalance.

If you have eye bags, then your kidneys might be at stake. If your kidneys are weak, swelling would appear beneath the eyes. To fix that, it is recommended to decrease intake of salt, animal fat, coffee and soft drinks, and drink plentiful water.

The nose is related with the health of your heart. If the tip of the nose is red and puffy, this indicates that the heart is overworked. For a perfect remedy, go for eat less saturated fats found in dairy and meats and more vegetables and whole grains. Avoid processed or canned foods. Daily exercising is a perfect way to lose extra fat and reduce stress.

The lower region

The area beginning from the nose down to the chin is related to your digestive tract. The chin is associated with your kidneys, gall bladder and reproductive organs.

If your chin area has pimples or blemishes, this signifies that imbalance in functioning of your reproductive organs and fat accumulation.

Incase your lips are red and puffy, it shows signs of congestion in the digestive tract.

These are just a few tips to generally help you in getting familiar with your health. To get a healthy life, eat healthy, exercise and throw stress away from your life. Develop a love for nature and art or a adopt hobby in order to help you balance the organs and to have a healthy, glowing face.

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