Body exfoliation made easier

To keep your skin healthy, exfoliation twice in a week is a necessary practice. It helps in removing dead skin cells and augments in helping in the renewal process. It revives the skin’s natural healthy glow.

Facial exfoliation is often in discussion, but we fail to realize the importance of body exfoliation. Body exfoliation isn’t a new concept, infact has remained a usual practice by many women in different cultures. You may exfoliate your body during a bath or when showering.

Here are a few ideas you can employ while showering, which make good body exfoliants:

Mango Seeds
After enjoying a delightful mango in the hot summers, remember not to throw away the seed (s). simply, rinse it well with water and use it while showering. You’ll notice a good change and a smooth result, after you rub it on your body.

Loofah is another natural exfoliant, cheap and convenient to use. Whle showering, it can be used instead of a sponge. They are not durable enough, as it might develop fungus, if it isn’t dried properly, after usage. Nevertheless, it makes an excellent exfoliant.

Plastic gloves
Plastic gloves, again, give a good exfoliant result and are available and be used without much hassle.

Body Brush
A brush with soft bristles makes a good exfoliant, especially for your back. Brush your body while showering, and notice the amazing result.

Remember to use exfoliants to while taking a bath and showering, for a shiny, healthy and smooth skin.

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