The Luscious foundation stick is a revolutionary brightening Cream Foundation infused with Licorice extract for a visibly fairer complexion. The ultra-smooth and lightweight formula provides a soft matte finish.

The foundation stick is designed for easy application and adjustable coverage as the creamy formula effortlessly glides across the skin for a long lasting, radiant result.

The latest product by Luscious Cosmetics endeavours to makes your skin feel pampered and velvety while covering dark areas and blemishes for an even skin tone.

The Luscious foundation stick is suitable for all skin types except extremely oily skin and is also dermatologically tested.

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Always keeping a good style & beauty enhance the personality no matter what age you are. Ups & Downs are the part of life, the main thing is this that you are special and you shouldn’t ignore yourself. Own the eye catching beauty & style in every stage of age. A few simple & easy tricks can make you look cute & younger no matter what age you are.

Beauty Care:

Always maintain a good hygiene. Bad hygiene, bad body odor greasy skin etc cant make you stylish and cute. Always take special care of your skin of all body no matter what your age. Continue reading…

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The New White Perfect – Transparent Rosy Whitening cream is the perfect addition to the pampering skin care range by L’Oréal Paris – it is rather glamorously enriched with powdered tourmaline, which in addition to many other qualities, also helps in blood stimulation which is what makes it extra attractive for me, because I have always believed that beautiful skin is an incredible asset and also the best makeup” – Meesha Shafi, L’Oréal Pakistan Spokesperson. Continue reading…

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Like some people, sometimes weather also becomes unpredictable. Especially in these days when from time to time weather become so lovely and at times become hot again. So in this unpredictable season you need to be more careful in every aspect of taking care of yourself, particularly in case of applying Make-up.

Rainy season is the time when there are more chances for your skin to get the pimples, sun burns. Blemishes, dry lips and other seasonal skin related diseases. Besides them there are other sun disasters that can affect your skin badly. So the very first step to keep yourself away from all these harms is to avoid from the direct sun exposure & its UVA and UVB rays; but if you really need to go outside then protect your skin from the quality sun block or moisturizer with SPF 15 or more. This layering will surely protect you form the skin related problems. Also drink plenty of water will also keep your skin moist, fresh and healthy.

Before summer make-up, apply the moisturizer to a clean face and allow it for 10 minutes to get absorbed; then apply the foundation. Preferably in summer, apply the damp sponge to have a lighter look; otherwise heavy base/foundation makes you feel heavy too. Furthermore a little concealer under the eye area gives a balanced look. Even then if you think that your skin is healthy enough and you don’t like to use a foundation or concealer at all then just use a face powder. After completing your foundation then comes the eye make-up. Light & neutral eye-shadows are perfect for summer make-up. Match the light colored eye shadow with your dress and apply it with soft strokes but if you are not fancy to apply eye-shadow at all then just a slender eye-liner make you eyes livelier and a neat stroke of mascara will define your eye-lashes gently.

For summer eye make-up using water proof mascara always helps you to stay for quite long time. Afterward if you have really thin and undefined eye-brows then you can delineate your eye-brows by applying eye-brow pencil. Applying a light bronzing powder will add extra glow to your face. A perfect bronzer gives you a better look. After giving your make-up a finishing look, comes the last but very important step of make-up, the well defined lip. For summer make-up a healthy fruity lip balm or just a light shaded lip gloss can make your lips to look healthy & sexy too.

Besides applying perfect make-up, it’s good to keep the other precautionary measures with you like a water bottle, sun glasses or an umbrella.

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Eyes are often described as the key to one’s soul. Moreover, they provide us with the God given gift of vision – something most of us can not ever imagine living without. So shouldn’t the key to your soul and the provider of vision be treated and protected with the very best eye care possible?

For eye care, you need to have regular eye tests, wear the right reading glasses and wear them when they are needed. Your vision can deteriorate over time and the speed of this process is unique to each individual person, so regular eye exams are an absolute essential part of eye care. Eye exams at the opticians can also reveal other health problems such as diabetes, eye tumours, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis and even signs of a stroke. Reading glasses have absolutely revolutionised the fashion scene, with both male and female stars setting a striking example for us to follow.

Once an expensive investment that would set you back the average person’s monthly salary, fashionable reading glasses are now available in many designs, in many stores at many different price points. It is important that you select the right reading glasses for your eye care. The strength of the reading glasses should be determined by how long sighted you are. When selecting a pair of reading glasses, consider what you will be using them for. If you do a lot of outdoor reading, there are sun reading glasses available that are either polarized, tinted or UV protected. Folding reading glasses are good for people on the go, and can be tucked into a shirt pocket or small purse.

Don’t continue using a pair of reading glasses if they hurt your eyes or make you dizzy. Always consult your optometrist if you have any problems.

Reading glasses are an important part of any person who has weak eyes and with time they have entered the fashion scene as well.

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Doing proper Make-up is not less than making a good sculpture. Make-up is an artistic way to enhance beauty; particularly light/soft make-up improves your natural beauty.

In order to do the nice make-up first of all it is very necessary to know about the maintenance of face features. Currently there are plenty of ways for a perfect make-up; both scientific & artistic. One should know both, for having command on neat make-up art. Other then this you should have knowledge about the make-up cosmetics; as make-up cosmetics or beauty products plays essential role in beautifying you. Do not forget to read the ingredients or other essential information on the make-up products, while buying them. If you are good in selecting/judging quality make-up products then its mean you have won half of the course.

Besides all these precautions, another important point to remember is to select the make-up product according to your environment & atmosphere. Because your skin gets the effects from the environment, so it’s vital to choose the make-up product, which suits your skin and complexion. People with the dry skin should use oil base products and those who have got the oily skin should prefer water base products. The lucky ones with the normal skin type are preferably recommended to use the water base make-up products. Especially for summer make-up most of the beauticians suggest to use water base make-up product, not the oil base.

Also apply the make-up according to your dress, occasion and age particularly; like you can hide your age with the artistic make-up and look younger, similarly heavy make-up will give you older look. So be careful and keep this thing in your mind while applying make-up. There must be difference in day & night time make-up.

By keeping in mind all these essential points, you can be a good make-up artist.

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Like your skin type, your hair has types as well. Taking care of your hair is as important as taking care of your skin. Some have thick hair while others have fine; some have curls while others have straight; also some hair are oily and others are dry.

There are hundreds of ways of taking care of your hair. But, in case of combination hair, it gets slightly tough.

But, still we have ways to easen up the effort and pain of taking care of combination hair. There are numerous hair care tips for combination type of hair. Right products can help you get healthy, shiny and bouncy hair full of life.

Firstly, you should make sure with the proper washing of the hair. Remember, never use never use hot water while shampooing. It makes hair strands weaker and damages the fine smooth texture. Lukewarm water is best for shampooing. Not even cold water.

Be careful about what you choose for your hair. Right products, healthy hair! For combination type hair, avoid using shampoos made especially for oily hair. As an alternative, opt for shampoos specially made for normal hair.

Use less quantity of shampoo to wash hair. Apply shampoo on the scalp directly and wash the tips with the lather that forms. In no way apply you should allow yourself to apply shampoo directly to the tips because the shampoo will wash off the necessary oil required by your hair tips. You should be very peculiar about cleaning your hair tips. Rinse the shampoo off thoroughly from your hair tips.

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