Beauty Style

Face sweating is now no more a hurdle between you and your summer fun time. Stay happy with no running makeup by these simple sweat-proof makeup hacks in summer.

Get noticed among the crowd by showing off your flawless and glowing complexion. Try out these homemade beauty tips to prettify naturally.

Eye liners and mascaras are used to make eye prominent and look bigger

Do you feel like you are doing something wrong each time you get dressed? Maybe you are. Here are five of the most common beauty mistakes people make.

The Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week 2015 has jumped the tracks with ten times the energy, more beauty and a lot more backstage mayhem

Here's why it could be perfect for your skin too

Wrapped in the midst of Bukhari commercial in Karachi is a unique salon and spa that's also a social club for many.

Whether you’re fair and blond or have a medium to dark complexion, they really are universally flattering

The Art of Contouring

So in addition to the video tutorial with Raana Khan below; here are a few steps that are sure to help you master contouring in 10 minutes.

Try out at least one of these in-style trends to see what can transform your look this week.

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