Beauty Style

If your job demands you to sit in front of the laptop screen for hours, then your eyes have probably worn out. Renew them with basic and simple tips.

Under eye bags is a major problem faced by many of us, there are many techniques to overcome this skin problem.

There has been an increase in the visual problems because of spending extra time in front of computer screens and television.

Whenever, you are attempting to leave on a lash care schedule, recollect that the outcomes won't be obvious till the following cycle of the eyelashes.

A lot of people think that applying liquid eyeliner is no big deal but a lot of people also feel it the most difficult aspect when it comes to dressing up.

Check out the video below for a run through on the classic thin and the bold wing eyeliner application!

smokey eyes come in many different colours and are in no way tied only to the traditional black smokey eye that was first introduced.

Are you confused with eyebrow shaping? Here are best tips to follow.

The happy healthy eyes will make you look amazing. So keep yourself and your eyes healthy. Protect your eyes to see the better side of the world.

Eyes are the window to this beautiful world and their care is very essential, requires exercise and regular upkeep.

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