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Shifting to the different natural products that serve as sensitive skin care products against various skin problems that the sensitive skin goes through.

Discover Green People's truly natural and organic beauty products for all the family. Safe and effective skin, hair and body care to balance and nourish.

Skin care is a universal concern and wrong beauty products may cause problems to your skin.

People with rosacea normally faces redness , simple guidelines can help them to get rid of this problem.

Monsoons lead to oily skin which further causes pimples. It is very common with teenagers. Here are eight quick tricks to get rid of pimples this monsoon.

You’re also not supposed to use the same washcloth on a daily basis if you use one. And when you get out of the shower, make sure you have a separate face towel.

Don’t let your skin suffer, while you are enjoying your much-awaited beach parties with friends. Take care of your skin in smart and easy ways in sunny days.

It is very important to care for skin care throughout the year. It is especially important to ensure that you clean your skin before going to bed. Here are a few mistakes you should avoid.

Discolored lips can become a huge problem if they are not cared for properly. With the right tips you can fix all the problems without a glitch.

The White Perfect Total 10-Day range promises intense whitening and full protection for your skin, with 10 benefits for fairer and shine-free skin.

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