Running out of special ways to treat your Significant other? It’s time someone introduced you to the world of oils and other body products. Yes, the word that comes to mind is ‘massage‘. Massage not only opens new ways to intimacy but also expresses your ability to help your partner calm down and relax. Imagine the notches you’ll go up in their good books when you pamper them after a long tiring day at work (men) or at home (women). Continue reading…

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Like your face and over all body, your hair also needs your attention and hair care treatments. For a healthy, shiny, soft and bouncy hair, you need latest hair care treatment that is “hair spa”.

Hair spa is the best treatment to handle hair related problems like hair loss, breakage, split ends and dryness etc. Nowadays, almost every hair and style salon provides best hair spa services. Although it’s a long and time taking process but at the same time very necessary to bring your hair to a healthy condition. You can do hair spa treatment at your home also. But if you are going to do it for first time, then we recommend you to take services of a professional hair spa salon to get the full benefits of best hair spa.

Hair spa is a method of deep conditioning which locks your hair into great shine, silkiness and bounce. It also recover sensitive and itchy scalp. Continue reading…

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Spa and Spa treatments are now common among women of all ages. Not only in western world, but in eastern world especially in Pakistan, women at large number take Spa treatments and Spa massage therapies from different Spa centers. In Pakistan, with the advent and greater knowledge of Spa treatments we see mushrooms of Spa centers all over the country.

For the rejuvenation of skin and to look younger and bright, our women visit different Spa centers. Among these Spa centers, every woman wants to go or to get treatments from the very best Spa center.
Here we’re giving a list of some of the very best Spa center in Pakistan, where women can get best quality Spa treatments and will satisfy from the methods and procedures of Spa techniques

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(Pakistan 22 November 2010) Luscious Cosmetics presents a series of exclusive video tutorials that focus on step-by-step makeup application from basics like how to apply foundation and concealer, to more advanced eye makeup application. The series of seven tutorials will be released on the brand’s official Facebook fanpage and the brand’s official website. This is the first time in the country that professional tutorials have been shot for Pakistani women reinforcing the brand’s interactive philosophy and mission to remain in tune with global trends for the benefit of its fans and users in Pakistan. Continue reading…

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And you thought colors were merely to soothe your eyes and fascinate you? Well, that is true. But, still it has other benefits as well. Colors have various health benefits and healing effects vividly seen and tested. Psychologists believe that colors cause a stunning influence on individuals psychologically. Many physicians have successfully used colors to treat their patients.

So, comes the question in front of us: How do colors influence health?

•    It has been observed that colored liquids, multihued clothes, sparkling gem stones, and light have been used for treatments of many. Gem stones have been associated with effecting ones health. People choose jewelry of specific color stones for the purpose of perking up their health. Light is believed to cause soothing effects. For example, soft colors such as blue and green have been reported to reduce headaches and bring soothing effects to mind, soul and body. Also, these colors are used in treatment of anger and frustration. A radiant colored light can make you feel more jovial and in high spirits. Bright red and orange cheers up depressed people. On happy or cheerful events, people use bright red and yellow lights which clearly specify an atmosphere of happiness and pleasure.

•    In Ayurveda, practitioners make use of colored light and fabric to restore energy imbalances. Loss of energy in us is also a reason for certain health problems.

•    During a spa treatment, the body is carefully covered in a specific color for recovering health and lost energy.
•    Colors can also be beneficial in your diet. Fruits and vegetables of different colors cause a positive effect on health. These colored edibles are seen to be rich in disease-fighting compounds such as phytonutrients. The red color in tomato reduces the threat of various heart diseases. The yellow found in corn guards you against muscular deterioration, which otherwise, causes blindness. Likewise, there are numerous other colored fruits and vegetables which cause a positive effect on health

•    Also, it is worth taking that colored fruits and vegetables preserve antioxidants in them which lessens the cellular damage and thwarts the coagulation of the arteries which may result in a serious heart disease, stroke or even memory loss.
•    Quite interestingly, yellow and orange colored sweet potatoes, mango pumpkin, melon corn etc include carotenoids, which decrease the threat of developing cancer.

•    Green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach contain large quantities of lutein, meant to be good for vision.

After reading this article, you would have quite information added to your already available library of knowledge. One can go in for color that suits one’s health.

Get benefits of nature and experience the wonders of a healthy life!

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To keep your skin healthy, exfoliation twice in a week is a necessary practice. It helps in removing dead skin cells and augments in helping in the renewal process. It revives the skin’s natural healthy glow.

Facial exfoliation is often in discussion, but we fail to realize the importance of body exfoliation. Body exfoliation isn’t a new concept, infact has remained a usual practice by many women in different cultures. You may exfoliate your body during a bath or when showering.

Here are a few ideas you can employ while showering, which make good body exfoliants:

Mango Seeds
After enjoying a delightful mango in the hot summers, remember not to throw away the seed (s). simply, rinse it well with water and use it while showering. You’ll notice a good change and a smooth result, after you rub it on your body.

Loofah is another natural exfoliant, cheap and convenient to use. Whle showering, it can be used instead of a sponge. They are not durable enough, as it might develop fungus, if it isn’t dried properly, after usage. Nevertheless, it makes an excellent exfoliant.

Plastic gloves
Plastic gloves, again, give a good exfoliant result and are available and be used without much hassle.

Body Brush
A brush with soft bristles makes a good exfoliant, especially for your back. Brush your body while showering, and notice the amazing result.

Remember to use exfoliants to while taking a bath and showering, for a shiny, healthy and smooth skin.

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Nothing beats the simple delight of a good paraffin hand wax. Here’s an easy way to pamper your hands without ever leaving the comfort of your house!

You’ll need:

  • 1 block of paraffin wax
  • a double boiler
  • an ounce of oil
  • 20 drops of essential oil
  • a casserole dish greased with oil
  • some plastic sandwich bags

Melt the wax, the oil, and the essential oil in your double boiler. Once it’s melted, pour the mixture into the casserole dish and wait for a skin to develop over the top. Test the temperature to make sure it’s not too hot, then wash and dry your hands completely.

Next, cover your hands completely in olive oil and dip each of them repeatedly into the wax. Dipping several times creates multiple layers and achieves the best effect.

Finally, have a friend help you put each hand into a plastic bag. Relax for about thirty minutes, then peel away the hardened wax. Enjoy the new smooth delight of your hands and do post your comments about it!

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