Give a Pleasurable Massage to your Partner


Running out of special ways to treat your Significant other? It’s time someone introduced you to the world of oils and other body products. Yes, the word that comes to mind is ‘massage‘. Massage not only opens new ways to intimacy but also expresses your ability to help your partner calm down and relax. Imagine the notches you’ll go up in their good books when you pamper them after a long tiring day at work (men) or at home (women).

Start with preparing a location with a suitable environment. Ornaments like Scented candles etc should be preset to set up the environment. Cosmetics such as massage oils and body butter should be kept close, so that you do not have to leave your partner every now and then.

Then with helping them relax, take your man’s tie off. Help him out of his shoes or accordingly if you are a guy trying it with your woman, take them by the hand and guide them to the spot where you want to do it. Or you could use a different way like blindfolding them or sending a naughty BBM as to what you have planned for them but do not be too obvious as it can be a bit of a turn off. Once there, slowly undress them.

Help them ease into the process. But take care not to be too quick and do not make unnecessary delays either. Seizing the moment is the key. Once you’ve done that. Go for the general pressure points. Release the tension. These include the shoulders, upper arms, the upper back, mid-section of the spine, the lower back etc. None of the cosmetics have been used so far.

Make a Move!!

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This is where you make your move. Keep in mind the things your partner likes. These could include you appreciating their build, their efforts as your spouse, or even you partly undressing yourself… Women can even climb on the man’s back if felt necessary but avoid it if you are a guy. You’ll at best turn her off or at worst hurt her pretty bad. Now it is time for the oils and other stuff.

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Pour out a decent amount in your palm n smear it all over their body. Let them be covered up if at first it is desirable. Keep going until you’ve done all the areas, the back, the shoulders, the arms etc. Be vigilant that some people do not like the sticky and slippery feeling. They might put up with it but oiling their necks and both the girdles might not be that tolerable. Be sure you know to which category your partner belongs. Once oiled; start massaging their pressure points (mentioned above).

Finger Tips!!


Use the tips of your fingers to apply pressure and your palms to put weight. Keep your nails trimmed. You do not want to scratch a tired person as long as they aren’t in the mood for it. Use your elbows to massage the back muscles. This is very effective. Massage their neck and shoulders n work your way down. If appropriate, strip them of all threads. Massage the sides as you massage the upper body too, the arms, the shoulder, blades, the wings and the loins.

You know best if and when they want you to breach their personal space. If you feel it’s a green light go for the special pressure points. Different people have different responses to them. For some they might be orgasmic. For others they might not be so effective.

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If you sense that they intimacy is escalating; top it off by rubbing your own self onto their body. The torso is your safest bet. Gently move towards their genitals. Tease them. Move on to massage their legs. Work on the inner thighs. Use firm fingers to put pressure but be careful not to make it hurtful. Massage the knees, the shins, the ankles and feet. Use your thumbs to massage the upper surface and the soles.

Lock your fingers into their toes and caress each one separately. Work your way back up but this time on the opposite side. Massage the ankles, calve and back of the knees. This spot is a pressure point for women and many women report it as very pleasurable, the back of the thighs and if you think it is safe, the buttocks.

Give the genitals a gentle stroke or two and move on to the other leg. Keep going as long as u deem sufficient. Once the legs are done move to the front of the torso. Massage the chest. Massage the abdominal muscles with your palms. You can tease the navel with your fingers or with kisses and gently caressing. Do not slip your fingers in there as it is uncomfortable and you do not want that.

Massage the inner arms, the hands, the fingers and the sides of the torso. Keep going until you are done and have achieved the desired results. Tips for people who are a bit open towards their partners breaching privacy: use kisses to build up the heat. Support their arms and legs against your body when massaging. Use massage as foreplay leading to a sensual love making session.

Happy pleasuring!!!

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