(01 November 2010) L’Oréal Paris, the world leaders in cosmetics, extends its expertise within their acclaimed make-up portfolio by introducing their latest innovation in volumizing mascara, New Volume Million Lashes Mascara – Black.

Mascaras have been an important part in history for women who throughout the ages have applied it to accentuate their eyes. Continue reading…

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(Pakistan 22 November 2010) Luscious Cosmetics presents a series of exclusive video tutorials that focus on step-by-step makeup application from basics like how to apply foundation and concealer, to more advanced eye makeup application. The series of seven tutorials will be released on the brand’s official Facebook fanpage and the brand’s official website. This is the first time in the country that professional tutorials have been shot for Pakistani women reinforcing the brand’s interactive philosophy and mission to remain in tune with global trends for the benefit of its fans and users in Pakistan. Continue reading…

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Enjoy the freshness and relaxation by making efficient use of advantageous properties of Rose water.

Rose water is a preferable skin care remedy that is used since early ages. Mostly people are unaware of the amazing benefits that are offered by simple and commonly available rose water. Along with great aroma and soothing fragrances, rose water is equally beneficial for various beauty and skin care treatments. Continue reading…

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Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll-on is a massaging roll-on that combines caffeine and the natural draining effect of a massage to reduce bags and dark circles and to brighten the eye contour.

  1. There is an immediate cooling effect to freshen up fatigued eye area;
  2. in 14 days the skin is much brighter and radiant; and
  3. in 28 days, bags and dark circles are reduced.

Another innovative solution by Garnier combining revolutionary technology with the science and power of nature.

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Winter gives relief from the summer heat. But there is more good news then just that. It is time to dry fruits. Finally!

Winter brings flu and cold but it brings the opportunity to enjoy dry fruits. Winter afternoon bundled up in your sweater with your pockets full of dry fruits is a favorite winter memory.

Dry fruits are not just the yummiest part of winters but they are also a great source of energy. It is traditional to associate dry fruits with winters; that doesn’t mean dry fruits can’t be eaten in any other season thanwinter.However in any other season you have to watch your dry fruit dosage.

Dry fruits are very rich source of essential nutrients. Dry fruits have minerals, enzymes, and vitamins. Dry fruits also have strong medical qualities. Dry fruits should be eaten in rational amounts. Just because dry fruits are in size not so big their essence makes up for it.

A diet rich in dry fruits helps fulfill natural nutritional needs. Hence they help stay healthy and beautiful; also energetic and youthful.

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‘Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts’.
Albert Einstein

Eyes are one of the most prominent and crucial part of our face & body. It is such a great blessing of Allah Almighty through which we can see and admire the beauties of nature.

Other then viewing the world around us, eyes also has other important aspects. Like eyes reflect our inner self, eyes can tell others that what we are thinking about at the moment, eyes can disclose some of our secrets to others at times; in short eyes can express our feelings & emotions as well.

Some people can easily predict one’s character, nature and the state of mind through his/her eyes. This quality is no doubt God gifted, but we can also learn this art by learning different sorts of knowledge related to eyes.

According to most psychologists, we can know about other people almost absolutely only by looking at their eyes. In this regard the ‘Colors of the Eyes’ plays really very vital role. Only Eyes colors can also tells us about the characteristics of others. Now we will tell you the characteristics of people (particularly ladies) those who possess the following eye colors.

Blue colored Eyes:
Those who have blue colored eyes are intelligent, sharp minded and active people. Blue colored ladies are mostly moody and want to have their control on the matters. They want their self prominent in almost all the places they go. According to some experts people may feel unsatisfied in their company. They may not prove very sticky or sincere with one thing for long time period; but it may not be true for some.

Black Colored Eyes:
Those who possess black colored eyes have got attractive personalities, especially in case of females. People want to meet them again and again because of the attraction in their personalities. Some of their negative aspects are like, they usually ignore the things, people, and matters bit rudely; they don’t like. Once they find someone little bit unfair to them, they hardly develop any relation with them again. It’s difficult to judge them in a glance. The positive aspect of their personality is that most of them acquire some spiritual capabilities.

Brown colored Eyes:
Those who own brown colored eyes are intelligent, personality full and loving people. Especially brown colored females are very loving and caring towards the world around them. They always ready to help others in any way and have got attraction in their personalities. Brown attractive eye colored ladies are mostly straight forward, softhearted, and daring. These ladies have got good nature and can be an excellent secret sharer.

Greenish Eyes:
There are many combinations in green color eyes, like greenish brown, see green, light green etc. These are considered as one of the most beautiful eye colors. These ladies also got attraction in their personalities. They know how to attract people towards them. These are bold and skilled ladies. Important part of their personality is that they also love to help others and have got spiritual abilities.

These color characteristics helps you in knowing about the people acquiring the above eye colors; if not 100 percent but probably you can judge them to some extent.

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No matter how well groomed a woman might be otherwise, if her eyebrows are not equally well groomed, she will not have a fully well groomed appearance. Well defined eyebrows give a woman a polished look that shows how much she values her appearance. There are many ways of achieving nicely groomed eyebrows but we will discuss three of the most popular options here. Which you choose depends on your preference, hair type and skin sensitivity. These three methods of eyebrow shaping and grooming are threading, plucking and waxing. (Check out this cool video for Eye Makeup )

Eyebrow Threading

Though Western women have fairly recently caught on to eyebrow threading, it is actually a centuries old practice that has its origins in India. It has been very popular among Middle Eastern women for a long time. Eyebrow threading was offered in salons and spas for Middle Eastern women for a long time before Western women developed an interest in it. Now it is becoming a more popular and preferred method of eyebrow grooming.

Eyebrow threading is accomplished by using a double strand of thread (usually cotton), twisting it to catch a line of hair in the selected area. Many women like the fact that it is faster than most other methods and more cleanly removes line of hair, often without causing the redness and irritation that plucking or waxing can cause.

It has also been found to be more precise than the other methods, too, when done by an experienced aesthetician. Be sure you do go to one who is very experienced, though, or you could have problems with hair breakage, uneven eyebrows, pain and ingrown hairs. It works better for fine hair than it does for coarse hair.

Plucking Eyebrows

This is perhaps the one method that most women have used at one time or another. It involves removing one hair at a time by grasping it with a pair of tweezers. Though it is an easy method, it can be time consuming. You can do it yourself, though and that makes it one of the most preferred methods. You will need good light and a mirror (a magnifying mirror is often preferred) that allows a good view of your eyebrows. I thoroughly recommend and wouldn’t be without it Tweezerman Mirror and Tweezer Kit. If you are bothered too much by the pain of the plucking, you can use ice to numb the area first. Then brush the eyebrow hair straight up with an eyebrow brush.

This makes it easy to see the hairs you want to remove. It is best to start at the point nearest your nose and work toward the temple, taking your time. So there is less pain and the hairs stay smooth, always pluck the hairs in the same direction as their growth.

Stop frequently to check your progress and try not to over pluck. If you do over pluck, you can use a eyebrow pencil that matches your eyebrows until the hair regrows.

Eyebrow Waxing

Waxing is a fairly quick method of removing unwanted hair from the eyebrows but can be rather painful. If your skin is very sensitive, this may not be a good method for you. Though it is better to have a professional do the waxing, you can do it yourself. If you do want to try it yourself, be sure you buy professional quality supplies to get the best results. You will first want to determine where the wax is to be applied. Brush your eyebrows into the defined shape you want so you can see the hair to be removed.

After warming the wax to the temperature recommended in the instructions, apply the wax in a thin layer to the unwanted hair with the applicator from the waxing kit. Be sure to apply it in the same direction the hair grows. Then place a small piece of muslin on the wax and carefully smooth it.

Use one hand to hold the skin taut and pull the muslin off with your other hand. It is best to work on small areas at a time to avoid taking too much hair off. Which ever method you choose, keeping your eyebrows well groomed is well worth the effort. You will not only look more polished but feel more confident in your appearance.

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