6 Tips On Preventing Scratches From Your Eyewear

There are several reasons people wear eyeglasses. Some use them to improve their vision, while others only need them when reading. Others wear eyeglasses and sunglasses alike as a fashion statement. Regardless of your reason for getting eyewear, sooner or later, it’ll surely become one of the essential items you’ll always bring with you wherever you go.

As a frequent user of eyeglasses, you have to ensure that they’re safe from any type of damage. Scratches can adversely affect their quality and make it harder for you to see things clearly. Moreover, seeing through scratched eyeglasses may cause headaches and eye strain. Thus, it’s your responsibility to care for them, keep them clean, and take preventative measures to protect them.

While it’s true that scratches are inevitable after wearing your eyeglasses for some time, there are some things you can do to keep them in good condition. One of them is to make sure that you choose durable eyewear such as those that are part of the Mott Optical – Burberry Collections. By doing so, you can invest in an option that won’t be easily damaged. With that said, here are six more tips to prevent scratches on your eyewear:

Keep Wearing Your Eyeglasses

Most people who are tempted to remove their eyeglasses often are the ones who are new to wearing them. However, as much as possible, resist the urge to remove your glasses, especially during the first few weeks of wearing them. Let yourself adapt to the feeling of having them on your face until it becomes natural for you. After all, the most efficient way to keep your eyeglasses away from harm is by simply keeping them on.

When you’re constantly wearing them, they’ll be safe from being seated on, misplaced, dropped, or being in contact with hard surfaces and edges. If you wish to take them off but still keep them safe, you can go for eyewear with a chain attached to it. This will allow your eyeglasses to dangle around your neck and land on your soft shirt.

Invest In A Protective Glasses Case

Another way to keep your eyewear safe from scratches and damage is by purchasing a protective glasses case. If you intend to take them off for a long while, such as while you’re sleeping or taking a shower, consider keeping your eyewear safely enclosed in a case instead of putting it on a table where it might fall off of or get hit by accident. You can place the case on the nightstand, in your backpack or handbag, or on your office desk without worrying about your glasses inside.

Remove Them By The Temples Only

Some people find it cool or convenient to take off their eyeglasses with one hand. Some tend to hold their eyeglasses on the rims around the lenses, while others grip the lenses themselves. Unfortunately, doing either can harm your glasses in the long run. Not only will it lead to scratches on their surface, but it’ll also loosen the joints on the frames.

The best practice in properly handling and taking off your glasses is using both hands to remove them via the temples. This will ensure you’re able to hold the eyewear firmly and avoid dropping it or scratching it with your fingers or nails.

Have The Lenses Always Facing Upward

If you need to take your glasses off and put them down for a while on a hard surface, fold them carefully with the temples placed down on the table. This ensures that the lenses are pointed upward. When they’re facing down, this will only cause scratches in no time.
Another thing to remember is to never place your eyeglasses in a closed car and expose it to intense temperatures. The buildup of heat inside the vehicle can seriously damage the lenses, leading to cracks and sometimes even melting the frame.

Store Your Eyewear In The Same Place

Your eyeglasses are more likely to get damaged when you keep leaving them at random spots and forgetting about them. To avoid them from getting scratched and misplaced, make it a habit to store them in the same place each time you remove them. For instance, if you wish to take them off before taking a shower, place them on the bedside table and nowhere else.

Clean Your Eyeglasses The Correct Way

While it’s true that regularly cleaning your eyewear is a must, using the wrong substances and methods will only do more harm than good. For instance, some people reach for their shirt, a piece of napkin, or strong cleaning chemicals to wipe the lenses. Another habit is breathing on the lenses and wiping them with a random fabric. Unfortunately, such actions will only result in friction that can scratch and degrade the lens coating.

As much as possible, only use the microfiber cloth that came with your glasses when you purchased them as it’s specifically designed to clean them safely. Then, you can use warm water and gently rub the cloth around the lenses, frames, and temples. You may also use a small amount of dishwashing liquid mixed with water to clean your eyewear and remove stains and smudges on the lenses.

Wrapping Up

Eyewear is vital to many, especially for people who need assistance with their vision. So take note of these tips if you want to maintain the pristine condition of your glasses and be able to use them for years. Not only will such measures allow you to have a clearer view, but they’ll also take away the need to replace your eyewear anytime soon.

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