Miraculous Benefits Of Rose Water

Enjoy the freshness and relaxation by making efficient use of advantageous properties of Rose water.

Rose water is a preferable skin care remedy that is used since early ages. Mostly people are unaware of the amazing benefits that are offered by simple and commonly available rose water. Along with great aroma and soothing fragrances, rose water is equally beneficial for various beauty and skin care treatments.Not only rose water helps you to rejuvenate your skin, but also acts as a natural healer for different skin problems. The wonderful anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties of Rose water made it distinguished from a wide range of expensive and time taking beauty treatments. The original Rose water is a blend of essential rose oil that is extracted from fresh rose petals and distilled water. Although, the manufacturing process of Rose water is very long and tiring, but nowadays you can enjoy its miraculous benefits, as Rose water is commonly available in markets in bottles and sprays.

Some of the healing and cosmetic properties of Rose water are as under:

Cleanser for skin

Rose flower has natural cleansing properties that can do wonders to your skin. The regular use of rose water for cleansing of face can reduce wrinkles, fine lines and skin inflammation. To prepare rose water cleanser at home, all you need is 1 cup of rose water, 10 drops of essential rose oil and 2 teaspoon of glycerin.

Toner for skin

The soothing and aromatic rose water also acts as a perfect toner for skin care. Regular use of rose water balances the hydration and oil contents of the skin and tones it with the natural glow.

Soother for sensitive skin

Rose water is very beneficial for the people who have sensitive skin. You can achieve wonderful results by the cooling properties of rose water. People with sensitive skin often develop sunburns which cause irritation. However, with the application of rose water you can get rid scars and sunburns from your face.

Rose water for Hair care

The qualities of rose water are not only limited to provide skin care, but also it is the important ingredient of many hair-care products. Regular use and massage of rose water in scalp and hair will help in reducing inflammations and increasing blood supply, which results in the hair growth and reduction in hair fall.

Rose water for relaxation

If you want to take advantage of relaxation properties of rose water, add some in your bathing water. The use of rose water will relieve you from stress and fatigue.

Rose water for eyes

With the outstanding hair-care and skin care properties, Rose water is also very useful as eye drops. Normal irritation in eyes, tiredness and redness in eyes can be relieved with the use of rose water as eye drops, for soothing and eye clearing effects.

Rose water for Dark circles

Dark circles or under-eye circles are the most common problem in amongst teens, men and women. The major reason of dark circles is due to lack of sleep, too much use of computer, TV watching or stress and fatigue. In any case, nobody likes dark circles, as they make you look dull.

To get rid of dark circles you can take advantage of the incredible skin care properties of rose water. All you have to do is to dip two cotton pieces in the cool rose water and place it over your eye lids for 15 mins. You will experience a fresh, relaxing feeling and with the regular use of this beauty tip, you will definitely get your dark circles issue solved out.

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