Personality Prediction through Eyes

‘Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts’.
Albert Einstein

Eyes are one of the most prominent and crucial part of our face & body. It is such a great blessing of Allah Almighty through which we can see and admire the beauties of nature.

Other then viewing the world around us, eyes also has other important aspects. Like eyes reflect our inner self, eyes can tell others that what we are thinking about at the moment, eyes can disclose some of our secrets to others at times; in short eyes can express our feelings & emotions as well.

Some people can easily predict one’s character, nature and the state of mind through his/her eyes. This quality is no doubt God gifted, but we can also learn this art by learning different sorts of knowledge related to eyes.

According to most psychologists, we can know about other people almost absolutely only by looking at their eyes. In this regard the ‘Colors of the Eyes’ plays really very vital role. Only Eyes colors can also tells us about the characteristics of others. Now we will tell you the characteristics of people (particularly ladies) those who possess the following eye colors.

Blue colored Eyes:
Those who have blue colored eyes are intelligent, sharp minded and active people. Blue colored ladies are mostly moody and want to have their control on the matters. They want their self prominent in almost all the places they go. According to some experts people may feel unsatisfied in their company. They may not prove very sticky or sincere with one thing for long time period; but it may not be true for some.

Black Colored Eyes:
Those who possess black colored eyes have got attractive personalities, especially in case of females. People want to meet them again and again because of the attraction in their personalities. Some of their negative aspects are like, they usually ignore the things, people, and matters bit rudely; they don’t like. Once they find someone little bit unfair to them, they hardly develop any relation with them again. It’s difficult to judge them in a glance. The positive aspect of their personality is that most of them acquire some spiritual capabilities.

Brown colored Eyes:
Those who own brown colored eyes are intelligent, personality full and loving people. Especially brown colored females are very loving and caring towards the world around them. They always ready to help others in any way and have got attraction in their personalities. Brown attractive eye colored ladies are mostly straight forward, softhearted, and daring. These ladies have got good nature and can be an excellent secret sharer.

Greenish Eyes:
There are many combinations in green color eyes, like greenish brown, see green, light green etc. These are considered as one of the most beautiful eye colors. These ladies also got attraction in their personalities. They know how to attract people towards them. These are bold and skilled ladies. Important part of their personality is that they also love to help others and have got spiritual abilities.

These color characteristics helps you in knowing about the people acquiring the above eye colors; if not 100 percent but probably you can judge them to some extent.

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