‘The finest qualities of our nature, like the bloom on fruits, can be preserved by the most delicate handling’,
Henry David Thoreau

Well people in our first part, we have told you some of the benefits of seasonal fruits, now here is some other to encourage you to eat more seasonal fruits.

Eating more fruits has no side effects, so you can have whatever & whenever you want. Particularly seasonal fruits are too good to eat in their season. Besides eating, fruits can be best in enhancing your beauty also. It means good for both health and beauty.

You must have heard that Mango is considered as the king of all fruits. In summer season, you will definitely see so many mangoes in the markets. It is also regarded as the favorite fruit of most of the people. Other than its nutritious values, it also helps you to make your face clear and glowing. Especially for pimples, it works like a healer. The mango leaves helps the most in this regard; boil the mango leaves and apply the remaining water on your face. Leave your face for few minutes and wash, repeat this procedure again and again. This will probably remove the pimples from your face. Drink mango juice as well.

Guava leaves are also helpful in the same way and with the same procedure. They can also use as an antiseptic, to kill the germs. It lends a hand you to make your face refreshing and shiny.

Cucumber being a vegetable is too good to boost up your immune system. It has got its name in topers among the beauty enhancing tips. Grind the cucumber and apply its paste on neck and face for 10-15 minutes. Daily use of cucumber removes the dullness, dryness and pimples of the face and makes it fresh.
So enjoy the seasonal fruits for enhancing both your health and beauty in summer season.

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With the weather taking more on the warmer side each passing day, its time pashminas and georgettes be put away and lawn be placed in the front, easy to pull out and wear.

With the soon to arrive scorching afternoons and warm sunny days, lawn is the only fabric which can bearably be worn during these harsh days. With the arrival of April, we see more and more varieties of Lawn appearing in the markets, and more and more people crowding the cloth shops to get the best designs. You see lawn everywhere now at exhibitions, markets, even at the tailor shops.

with more and more people, get attracted towards lawn, this means more new creativity needs to be put in by designers to give us more fresher stock –something which appeals us in the first glance.

This year designers’ palette includes pastel colors for lawn. These colors include pale yellow, peach, light blue, lavender, lilac, sea green, tea pink and lime.

If pastel is not your thing than you can always opt for brighter colors like hot pink, deep purple, bottle green, red, intense yellow and royal blue. These colors, too are ruling this season.

When it comes to prints, floral are always on the ‘should-buy’ list. Whether big prints or small prints, florals always look great and nothing can beat its popularity. Added features include embroidery and shimmer. Apart from these, abstract and traditional prints are much loved as well.

This season shalwars are plain and simple with chiffon/georgette dupattas, adding grace to the dress.

If you haven’t been out shopping yet, it’s time you get in the summer spirit and grace yourself with lovely lawn prints. Happy summer shopping!

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‘Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts’.
Albert Einstein

Eyes are one of the most prominent and crucial part of our face & body. It is such a great blessing of Allah Almighty through which we can see and admire the beauties of nature.

Other then viewing the world around us, eyes also has other important aspects. Like eyes reflect our inner self, eyes can tell others that what we are thinking about at the moment, eyes can disclose some of our secrets to others at times; in short eyes can express our feelings & emotions as well.

Some people can easily predict one’s character, nature and the state of mind through his/her eyes. This quality is no doubt God gifted, but we can also learn this art by learning different sorts of knowledge related to eyes.

According to most psychologists, we can know about other people almost absolutely only by looking at their eyes. In this regard the ‘Colors of the Eyes’ plays really very vital role. Only Eyes colors can also tells us about the characteristics of others. Now we will tell you the characteristics of people (particularly ladies) those who possess the following eye colors.

Blue colored Eyes:
Those who have blue colored eyes are intelligent, sharp minded and active people. Blue colored ladies are mostly moody and want to have their control on the matters. They want their self prominent in almost all the places they go. According to some experts people may feel unsatisfied in their company. They may not prove very sticky or sincere with one thing for long time period; but it may not be true for some.

Black Colored Eyes:
Those who possess black colored eyes have got attractive personalities, especially in case of females. People want to meet them again and again because of the attraction in their personalities. Some of their negative aspects are like, they usually ignore the things, people, and matters bit rudely; they don’t like. Once they find someone little bit unfair to them, they hardly develop any relation with them again. It’s difficult to judge them in a glance. The positive aspect of their personality is that most of them acquire some spiritual capabilities.

Brown colored Eyes:
Those who own brown colored eyes are intelligent, personality full and loving people. Especially brown colored females are very loving and caring towards the world around them. They always ready to help others in any way and have got attraction in their personalities. Brown attractive eye colored ladies are mostly straight forward, softhearted, and daring. These ladies have got good nature and can be an excellent secret sharer.

Greenish Eyes:
There are many combinations in green color eyes, like greenish brown, see green, light green etc. These are considered as one of the most beautiful eye colors. These ladies also got attraction in their personalities. They know how to attract people towards them. These are bold and skilled ladies. Important part of their personality is that they also love to help others and have got spiritual abilities.

These color characteristics helps you in knowing about the people acquiring the above eye colors; if not 100 percent but probably you can judge them to some extent.

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Over the passage of time, the concept of ‘going out’ has gradually given up to another concept of ‘staying in’. Today, people have beautiful terraces, lovely garden, and access to many beautiful public parks, yet they prefer to stay indoors. It isn’t wrong to put the blame on television and computer, which are stealing away the social life of many. Unfortunately, one doesn’t realize the seriousness of the issue until they become victims to obesity, insomnia, lethargy, and the most popular Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Owing to cable TV and unlimited internet and the luxury life they provide, physical exercise levels have reduced greatly. Young people generally stay up till late, busy on their mobile phones or various social networking websites. The consequence of this very habit is inattentiveness in class and improper eating disorders, since one doesn’t realize when they start munching on food in the middle of the nights of while lying lazy infront of the TV set.

We need to maintain a Media Diet Plan (MDP), as most of the precious time is spent in front of the TV screen of monitor. Some parents keep a strict rule in their house for watching TV and allow their kids t to play computer or TV games only on weekends. Then there are parents who are extra lenient. Studies have proved that strict parenting has more positive impact on children and helps greatly in building healthy and good habits in them making them grow into disciplined adults.

Instead of sticking with the TV for ages, Parents should encourage their children to go out and play. Outdoor games result in high fitness levels and there will never be complaints of headaches, poor eye-sight or troubled sleep.

Simply cutting down TV is not a solution. In replacement to it, healthier options like physical exercises and outdoor games should be preferred. A balanced eating, sleeping and exercising routine aims at keeping one healthy, both physically and mentally. Ideally, time spent infront of the TV shouldn’t be more than three hours.

This way a lot of serious issues in children’s life can be dealt with and will result in making your children more disciplined, active and more confident in their daily affairs. while at the same time, keeping them fit and healthy.

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Though other things grow fair against the sun,
yet fruits that blossom first will first be ripe.
– William Shakespeare
Eating fruits is one of the best things you do for maintaining your good health; you can also increases your face beauty as well with the seasonal fruits. Seasonal fruits are better for your health, as they keep your body & skin healthy and fresh.

Fruits enhance the quality of our immune system and give us energy to remain active and well. Every fruit has its own properties but all have got good nutritious values. Like in coming summer season some seasonal fruits will provides us nourishing strength both for our body and skin. For example:

Water melon is a very famous fruit of summer season. You can also use it for enhancing your face glow. Take some pieces of water lemon, remove the seeds and grind then grind it. Put 2 table spoon of white flour and little bit fresh milk in it. Apply it on your face and cover your face with some tissue or light cloth. Leave for 15 -20 minutes and then wash it with water only, without soap. It will remove dead cells from your face and give a glow to your face.

You may have heard this saying so many times in your life that ‘One Apple a day keeps the Doctor away’. It’s very true as apple is not only good for the health of your body, but for the good health of your face and hair as well. Drinking apple juice is good for your body and applying it on your face is also fine for skin toning. Apple juice is also good for skin infections and diseases. Applying apple juice on your hair is also good for keeping your hair shiny after taking bath.

Apricot juice is healthier for you to protect yourself from the harmful effects of sun rays. It is good for the eczema too.  Applying it on your face or eat it, in both cases it will give you the wondering results.
Pine apple makes your skin soft & smooth. It will reduce the dryness of the skin and give it freshness and glowing.

These are some of the fruits to more beautify you; by enhancing the health of your body and face.

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According to some beauticians, if you are in a habit to do cleansing on regular basis then you don’t need to visit beauty parlors.

Cleansing is very important for all types of skin and in all seasons. In spring season skin pores gets open and then they will have more chances to absorb dust. To avoid from these problems cleansing is best to keep your face neat & clean. Only washing your face with soap & water doesn’t help it much to remove dust. If simple cleansing doesn’t click you then try deep cleansing. It’s always good to do cleansing twice at a time. At first time it almost removes the dirt from your face and second time it simply gives you fresh look.

Cleansing simply means cleanness; of the skin. Our skin gets affected due to our exposure to pollution, smoke, dust etc. These harmful elements develop a layer on our face, which makes us to look dull.

Without cleansing you might have developed black heads on your face and it of course tear down the beauty of your face. No matter how good your skin type is; but black head demolish the glow of the face.
There are lots of cleansers easily available in the markets for cleansing, but always prefer some quality cleanser of some renowned & slandered company. Milk cleanser is also a best option. You can also make some cleanser at your home. Always keep your skin tone in your mind while cleansing. For dry skin, take ½ cup water, add 2 drops of olive oil in it and then add 6-5 drops of glycerin. It will deeply clean your face and makes you to feel fresh. For normal skin, take equal quantity of rose water and chill water. Apply it on your face to give you a glowing look. You can also try herbal cleanser as well. Try to do toning of your face before cleansing, as toner keeps the P-h level of your face in a balance.

There are some steps to do cleansing like start doing cleansing from the neck while using your two fingers. Both clockwise and anti-clockwise, then comes on chin & cheeks in the circular movements. Move in the upward & outward directions gently and then come on the forehead. Do not forget nose, and the portion between lips and nose, as black heads usually develops on the nose. This process simply fastens the blood flow of your face.

After massage for few minutes remove the dirt with a soft tissue or with a piece of cotton. Wash your face after some time with some standard mild beauty soap or with a face wash. Also it’s good to use scrub after it, but you need to take some precautionary measures while using scrub.

So protect the beauty and freshness of your face by developing the habit of ‘Cleansing’ on daily basis.

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O land of Pakistan,
Each particle of yours
Is being illuminated by stars.
Even today your dust has been
Been brightened by the galaxy

These are the holy words of our national anthem and today, we celebrate Pakistan Day. 23rd of March is marked in red, as today Pakistan resolution was passed at the convention of All India Muslim League in 1940 and a remarkable day in history was made for the Dream of Allama Iqbal was coming to reality – the dream of having a separate nation.

A glorious day it was when the Muslims said ‘labaik’ for any sacrifices there would be to make the dream of an independent Pakistan a possible veracity. The Minar-e-Pakistan was built on the same place where this grand occasion took place. This monument reminds us of the determination and the zeal and zest of our forefathers and political leaders

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