Eat Seasonal Fruits 2

‘The finest qualities of our nature, like the bloom on fruits, can be preserved by the most delicate handling’,
Henry David Thoreau

Well people in our first part, we have told you some of the benefits of seasonal fruits, now here is some other to encourage you to eat more seasonal fruits.

Eating more fruits has no side effects, so you can have whatever & whenever you want. Particularly seasonal fruits are too good to eat in their season. Besides eating, fruits can be best in enhancing your beauty also. It means good for both health and beauty.

You must have heard that Mango is considered as the king of all fruits. In summer season, you will definitely see so many mangoes in the markets. It is also regarded as the favorite fruit of most of the people. Other than its nutritious values, it also helps you to make your face clear and glowing. Especially for pimples, it works like a healer. The mango leaves helps the most in this regard; boil the mango leaves and apply the remaining water on your face. Leave your face for few minutes and wash, repeat this procedure again and again. This will probably remove the pimples from your face. Drink mango juice as well.

Guava leaves are also helpful in the same way and with the same procedure. They can also use as an antiseptic, to kill the germs. It lends a hand you to make your face refreshing and shiny.

Cucumber being a vegetable is too good to boost up your immune system. It has got its name in topers among the beauty enhancing tips. Grind the cucumber and apply its paste on neck and face for 10-15 minutes. Daily use of cucumber removes the dullness, dryness and pimples of the face and makes it fresh.
So enjoy the seasonal fruits for enhancing both your health and beauty in summer season.

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