Eat Seasonal Fruits

Though other things grow fair against the sun,
yet fruits that blossom first will first be ripe.
– William Shakespeare
Eating fruits is one of the best things you do for maintaining your good health; you can also increases your face beauty as well with the seasonal fruits. Seasonal fruits are better for your health, as they keep your body & skin healthy and fresh.

Fruits enhance the quality of our immune system and give us energy to remain active and well. Every fruit has its own properties but all have got good nutritious values. Like in coming summer season some seasonal fruits will provides us nourishing strength both for our body and skin. For example:

Water melon is a very famous fruit of summer season. You can also use it for enhancing your face glow. Take some pieces of water lemon, remove the seeds and grind then grind it. Put 2 table spoon of white flour and little bit fresh milk in it. Apply it on your face and cover your face with some tissue or light cloth. Leave for 15 -20 minutes and then wash it with water only, without soap. It will remove dead cells from your face and give a glow to your face.

You may have heard this saying so many times in your life that ‘One Apple a day keeps the Doctor away’. It’s very true as apple is not only good for the health of your body, but for the good health of your face and hair as well. Drinking apple juice is good for your body and applying it on your face is also fine for skin toning. Apple juice is also good for skin infections and diseases. Applying apple juice on your hair is also good for keeping your hair shiny after taking bath.

Apricot juice is healthier for you to protect yourself from the harmful effects of sun rays. It is good for the eczema too.  Applying it on your face or eat it, in both cases it will give you the wondering results.
Pine apple makes your skin soft & smooth. It will reduce the dryness of the skin and give it freshness and glowing.

These are some of the fruits to more beautify you; by enhancing the health of your body and face.

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