Beauty Style

There are many ways of how to create supermodel cheekbone, some ways are dangerous such as surgery but some are very safe all you need is to learn the makeup tactics. Makeup is an art and we can learn how look like supermodels.

Who all are going to a New Year's Eve party this year? Be sure to glam up this New Year's Eve by following these simple yet trendy style guide and tips from clothing to make up.

Dark and dull lips give not only a bad impression but also spoil your beautiful looks. Looking for tips to get natural pink lips, are you? You are in luck. Check out the handy tips.

Feet, the most prominent part of body, are most of the time neglected when we don’t care for feet. Feet contribute a lot in making and ruining one’s personality. If you want to enlighten your personality then pay attention to your feet.

Girls love beauty naps because they are fully aware of their importance. Naps mean brief sleep whenever possible in the day time besides eight hours of sleep at night. Find out the answer of questions why girls love beauty naps.

Fashion changes and it not only affects clothes, bags and shoes but also certain poses in which photographs are captured. These days pout is the “in “thing. However how to get a perfect, plump pout-not “fish Lips” is something not everyone knows a

There are so many ways to get longer hair but to save your precious time I am going to quickly compile 5 ways to have longer hair faster. These are the ways you must know to achieve longer hair.

Pretty legs enhance your personality, for starters. It is a growing trend to show off smooth and pretty legs. A pair of beautiful legs is one of the greatest assets for a woman.

Eid ul Azha is coming after few weeks and the preparations to welcome this auspicious occasion of Muslims are at their peak, from purchasing of animals for qurbani to shopping of new dresses, shoes, accessories. With all these, ladies got always confuse h

To make cup hot, the flame is lit inside the glass and thus the heat creates the vacuum to make it warm. The suction creates will help the blood flow and rejuvenate the skin and has marked as hot new cupping trend.