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5 Ways to Use Baking Soda for Skin Whitening

Most frequently it is used as a skin whitening ingredient. Baking soda does not have any direct skin whitening effect. But, it does a lot of other things to keep the skin bright and beautiful. 


How To Do Feet Whitening Pedicure at Home

We all love to flaunt glowing skin. Women spend hours to pamper their face and body but neglect pampering their feet. This results in severe tan either due to sun exposure or due to wearing of different kinds of footwear.


Coconut Oil- A Miracle Worker?

Applying coconut oil on your skin at night gives you shiny and glorifying look and it also rescues your hair from dandruff and dryness.


10 Early Warning Signs of Diabetes Everyone Should Know!

Type 2 Diabetes affects a huge amount of population every year all over the world. People with Type 2 Diabetes lose the ability to use the glucose in the blood and prolonged uncontrolled sugar levels can further damage the kidneys and nerves.