Veteran Actor Nauman Ijaz Criticizes Newcomers

Nauman Ijaz one the most versatile actor of Pakistani television industry. The actor has stepped into the television world with the desire to become a newscaster. The director Nusrat Thakur saw the hidden talent in him and believed that Nauman can rock this entertainment industry with his exceptional acting skills and flawless expressions. Nauman is an award winning actor with immense fan following.

Nauman Ijaz usually avoids giving interviews but recently when asked about the young new comer in entertainment industry, he spoke out loud about things which he doesn’t talk often. Sharing his personal experience of working in television industry for more than decades he expressed “When I work, I work like anything; there are days and nights solely meant for shoots. By day, I am in Karachi and by evening in Lahore, working on various other plays, simultaneously I consider my success to all those senior actors who have helped me out in building my career. There have been times I was scolded on set on numerous occasions for not delivering my lines well. But today’s youngsters, they don’t wish to learn from veteran actors.”, said the veteran actor

When Nauman Ijaz was asked about his opinion about the new comers who are working for Pakistani TV industry, his response was little alarming. “There is a lot of difference between how we as newcomers worked as compare to the newcomers of today’s age. We have left behind our norms. We were not taught at an academy but got flourished under the guidance of the notable names and we knew how to respect our elders. Young actors today want to be respected instead! With such an attitude how can they expect us to love them back?

Nauman feedback about the airing of Pakistani dramas on Indian channels was quite surprising “Indians are currently enjoying our dramas, but I wonder for how long. Pakistani women on screen are being humiliated. It’s high time we show the issues of women empowerment on the TV.”

When asked about the revival of Pakistani cinema and the hindrance why we lagging the actor shared his insights by saying “Why we lag behind is the fact that the son of those people who once made studios, took all the money and did nothing to upgrade the industry. Hence, we are to be blamed for ruining this industry by our own hands.”

Nauman Ijaz is of the point of view that the newcomers lack manners and have lots of unprofessionalism to take up their work seriously.

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