The Justin Bibis Are Back But This Time, With A Twist

Justin Bieber's got some competition in Pakistan. Full marks to these local ladies singing this with no formal training or instruments.

You may remember Saaniya and Muqaddas, the two sisters who were spotted singing Justin Bieber’s Baby back in 2015. Better known as the Justin Bibis, the duo became a social media sensation across Pakistan and was lauded by everyone for their take on the chart-buster.

And now, the Justin Bibis are back in action. Well, one of them, anyway… Much to our surprise, one of the sisters has been replaced by some other woman. But hey, the song is still as entertaining as it first was. 

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Did you know the original Justin Bibis were featured in the world cup song, Phir Se Game Utha De as well? Later, Saaniya and Muqaddas were offered help by Ali Zafar, who was a guest on a local talk show where the Bibis sang a couple of numbers in Punjabi and English.

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The Channo hitmaker was so impressed by the girls’ command over English songs despite not being able to speak the language that he offered to sponsor them if they were interested in pursuing an education.

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