Model Amna Babar Announces Divorce After 3 Years of Marriage

Amna Babar is Pakistani model. Winning the Best Emerging Talent – Fashion award at 13th Lux Style Awards in 2014, and received her first Lux Style Award nomination as Best Model Female at 14th Lux Style Awards and Best Model Female at 3rd Hum Awards and 4th Hum Awards respectively.

After a fan asked the model why she no longer posts pictures with her husband, Amna responded through a video, saying, “Because he isn’t my husband anymore. We just got divorced and are taking care of our child jointly. Things didn’t work out between us but he’s a great father, so we’re happy.”

Here is the complete Video, check out!

She further said that “We are co-parenting our daughter since he’s a great father.”

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