Summer Love by SAADIA ASAD

Summer Love by Designer Saadia Saad

What is the best time to buy Spring/Summer clothing?

February/March is usually the right time to start stocking up your summer clothing. However I wouldn’t pile up on everything in a rush…I’d rather buy my summer clothes at a steady pace throughout summer depending on styles and collections plus summers have gotten very festive coz of eid’s in summer now. It’s always a good idea to follow fashion and trends according to seasons and festivals.

What kind of Materials/Prints would you prefer?

I’m completely inn for all sorts of lawns for day wear and causals. i:e swiss lawns,chicken lawns, jaccard cottons, Arabi lawns etc…. For the evenings if you are going out to a more formal event I would say chiffons would be the right choice to wear.I like solid colors combined with a lot of Chantilly laces. Plus Digital prints look really smart in casuals as well as formals.

Do you prefer asian mofits, and designs, geometrical patterns to be added in your designs?

It actually depends on what sort of outfit I am designing and what the occasion is. If we are doing a traditional mehndi outfit then I would definitely want a lot of rich Asian motifs with heavy embellishments. Geometrical patterns are the new craze for sure; however I would only use them with contemporary cuts and styles only.

What is your opinion about lawn fever?

More and more fashion designers have stepped into this industry by collaborating with famous textile houses resulting into much better designs, better color schemes and giving lawn fabric a whole new dimension and style. Hence, Lawn fever has gotten bigger and bigger with every passing year.I think they are doing a great job by being able to sell within hours of opening the exhibition.

What’s your plan for Summer/Spring collection this season? And if yes then when?

My SS 2014 collections are mostly in chicken kari and Gara work on arbi lawn with smart cuts in shorter knee length kurtas, along with our semi formal line in chiffons and Chantilly laces. I am also working on a new line called Saadia Asad Pret which are smart kurtas priced very reasonably for everyone in the market.“SAP” will be launched end of April Inshallah. I am hoping it gets a good response from our local market as well as internationally.

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