Let it ring and you could be falling over the swing!

Modernization, advances in civilization and technological miracles have allowed man to breach the epitome of telecommunication; the result of which is the constant buzzing and shrieking sounds of the cellular phone that is one of the most essential commodities in the life of the average person.

Although we are all profoundly indebted to this invention, little is known to us about the etiquette’s of using such devices.

Keeping in mind civics and manners it is understood not to talk too loud in public places and also not to discuss unnecessary details that your company might find offensive.

The use of a cell phone has grown on to us so well that the idea of using a cell phone in one hand without even looking at it and cooking your meals, cleaning your house, sorting your things and even driving a car seem like the only task you’re doing. If this is the case, then STOP! Don’t multitask with your cell phone. It could cost you financial or even loss of life.

Avoid the use of your cell phone in enclosed places such as public bathrooms, elevators, public transport facilities, waiting rooms and auditoriums where your conversation could be a distraction or even a nuisance for your colleagues or fellow audience,

Not just talking or text messaging, it can also seem very rude to have your mobile phone ring at an event or an occasion that is being addressed or attended by citizens older or senior than you are. It is common courtesy to have your mobile phone ringing settings set to silent or vibrate in places such as hospitals, meetings, libraries, weddings, movie theaters and particularly funerals. It is important to have whoever is the epicenter of any such activity keeps the show rather than have you steal it.

It is essentially important to remember that your manners are a depiction of your personality and what you’re made up of. Dealing in public places or at a rendezvous of dire importance, your cell phone manners can have you lose all the marks that you might have scored.

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