Why White Henna is the Fresh Trend You’ll Love

White henna is latest trend to follow by modern women for its classy and elegant designs)

White henna is henna’s design on woman’s hand, except that it’s white in color and not the usual brown. It depends on the material a woman used but it persists up to a week.

Though it originated in the Middle East, the modern brides are using white henna for a glamour look because of its fascinated design and attraction. 

It is also a favorite option for dark-skinned girls on whom brown henna doesn’t leave that lasting impression. Classy and elegant, it is not so much henna, but a sticker or body paint or glitter used to make designs on the hand and other parts of the body. 

But it is recommended whatever tool you use for it, it should be on temporary basis. White henna is intricately designed for a delicate look, the finished effect is a bit like lace applied to the skin.

Beauty addicts around the world have picked up on the prettiness, and companies are now offering self-applied temporary henna designs filled with mandalas and flowers.

Women are also using white “ink” to complete their outfits as well. You can also have white henna applied by hand in the traditional technique, if you know anyone with the skills.

Before applying white henna, one should consult dermatologist to get information whether you get allergy or not.

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