Nails Care

Have a look at your nails. Are they strong and healthy looking?

Nails have become the integral part of style. Nails care is very essential as your hands are always visible and most prominent part. Nail care is also very important for personal grooming. It will look awkward that you applied makeup carefully and dressed well but your nails are pale and weak. Never neglect your nails care. Nails also require attention like other body parts. Healthy nails are crystal clear and give a pinkish look due to flow of blood in tissues underneath them. Here are some essential handy nail care tips which would definitely help you.

To make your nails strong and healthy, it is necessary to take a healthy diet that is rich in essential nutrients, proteins and vitamins. The consumption of fruits and vegetables should be the part of your daily routine. Silicon rich food such as onion and fish is great choice for health of nails. Banana is also helpful in making your nails healthy. Zinc and Vitamin B are must for health of nails. Calcium and phosphorus are the requirement of nails that you can get from curd, cheese and fresh carrot juice.

The most important thing for having strong nails is to drink plenty of water because water keeps nails hydrated and also flush out the toxins.

To make nails look strong and beautiful, their cleanliness is also important. You should try to keep your nails as clean as you can because it has direct contact with your inner organs while eating. You can use nail brush or tooth brush for cleaning your nail. Don’t use any hard instrument for your nail otherwise it will be harmful for your nail. Dip your nails for two minutes in warm water and then buff your nails with tooth brush with soft bristles.

Cultivate your nails when required. You can also use nail paints to protect your long nails from splitting and peeling. Avoid the continuous application of nail polish because it prevents oxygen to reach the nails and by constant application it leads to discoloration. Purple nails are the sign of lack of oxygen so if you want pink sheen reflecting from your nails then you must make your diet proper.

One of the easiest and handy tips of nail care is to apply garlic juice on nails or rub the nails with clove of garlic makes your nails strong and healthy. If your nails are not strong then use hand cream and cuticle oil or even olive oil that makes your nails moisturized.

The most important thing is that after working in water like washing dishes or clothes you should use moisturizer for the protection of your nails as well as hands. Rubbing lemon juice on nails makes your nails smooth and also makes your nails to shine.

For healthy nails you can use thin layer of tea tree oil. It will help you to keep your nails clean and free from fungus.

Sun rays are also harmful for nails so whenever you go out in day time you must use a sun block elements and vitamin E to protect them.

Nails care not only makes your nails strong and sturdy but also prevents against a large number of health care issues triggered by the means of germs and harmful bacteria.

Nails are the most important part of style. Besides nails fashion, nails care is also very important because nails assist in grooming one’s personality. To make your nails beautiful and presentable proper care is needed. A little attention can enhance y

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