Masarrat Misbah Picture GalleryMasarrat Misbah, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and one of the pioneers of the hair and beauty industry of Pakistan with the Depilex Group, celebrated the launch of her makeup line Masarrat Misbah Makeup through a lunch hosted in Karachi on 15th May, 2015. Continue reading…

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Things like free pie, your eye shadow, or your prosecco-induced buzz never seems to last forever. Many beauty tutorials say that in order to make your eye shadow last long you should use a primer, like the famous one from Urban Decay. But using a primer can make a shadow harder to blend in. So here, Gucci Cosmetics makeup artist Aaron Henrikson will show us alternative trick to making your eye shadow last forever and the colors look extra vibrant. Continue reading…

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2015 Oscars HairstylesThe looks at the Golden Globes were stunning, the beauty at the SAG Awards was breathtaking, but Hollywood has saved the most glamorous, decadent looks for last — this year’s Academy Awards. Get excited! From magnificent updos to sumptuous smoky eyes, we’ve got each spectacular, prize-worthy look.
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MKP Shoot

Have you ever gazed at a billboard or an ad in a magazine, looked beyond the product and wondered who did the photography? If you did you would know how busy well-known fashion photographer, Mohsin Khawar has been keeping. Continue reading…

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The Luscious Signature Lipstick is a lightweight, yet velvety and rich colour formula that provides long wear and hydration for hours.

The new lipsticks have been formulated with extra pigment for crisp, vivid and stunning colour results. Continue reading…

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KARACHI: Color Studio, probably Pakistan’s most innovative and exciting make-up brand, has launched an exciting new nail color which is more than just a color. It is crackle color, and looks almost like nail art when it’s spread out on the nails.

One blogger described Color Studio’s Crackle Color in these words: “This is my first crackle polish. My sister was adamant that I try this, so I got myself this one from Colorstudio’s Pro Nails line at Dolmen Mall. They also have one in white as well.”

Annie Mansoor, CEO of Allenora Annie’s Signature Salon, was all praise for Crackle Nail Colors. “Crackle nail colors are unique, and fun and exciting and these truly add oomph to any get-up,” said Mansoor, all praise for Color Studio’s crackle colors. Continue reading…

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The Luscious foundation stick is a revolutionary brightening Cream Foundation infused with Licorice extract for a visibly fairer complexion. The ultra-smooth and lightweight formula provides a soft matte finish.

The foundation stick is designed for easy application and adjustable coverage as the creamy formula effortlessly glides across the skin for a long lasting, radiant result.

The latest product by Luscious Cosmetics endeavours to makes your skin feel pampered and velvety while covering dark areas and blemishes for an even skin tone.

The Luscious foundation stick is suitable for all skin types except extremely oily skin and is also dermatologically tested.

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