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Have you ever gazed at a billboard or an ad in a magazine, looked beyond the product and wondered who did the photography? If you did you would know how busy well-known fashion photographer, Mohsin Khawar has been keeping. Continue reading…

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The Luscious Signature Lipstick is a lightweight, yet velvety and rich colour formula that provides long wear and hydration for hours.

The new lipsticks have been formulated with extra pigment for crisp, vivid and stunning colour results. Continue reading…

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KARACHI: Color Studio, probably Pakistan’s most innovative and exciting make-up brand, has launched an exciting new nail color which is more than just a color. It is crackle color, and looks almost like nail art when it’s spread out on the nails.

One blogger described Color Studio’s Crackle Color in these words: “This is my first crackle polish. My sister was adamant that I try this, so I got myself this one from Colorstudio’s Pro Nails line at Dolmen Mall. They also have one in white as well.”

Annie Mansoor, CEO of Allenora Annie’s Signature Salon, was all praise for Crackle Nail Colors. “Crackle nail colors are unique, and fun and exciting and these truly add oomph to any get-up,” said Mansoor, all praise for Color Studio’s crackle colors. Continue reading…

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The Luscious foundation stick is a revolutionary brightening Cream Foundation infused with Licorice extract for a visibly fairer complexion. The ultra-smooth and lightweight formula provides a soft matte finish.

The foundation stick is designed for easy application and adjustable coverage as the creamy formula effortlessly glides across the skin for a long lasting, radiant result.

The latest product by Luscious Cosmetics endeavours to makes your skin feel pampered and velvety while covering dark areas and blemishes for an even skin tone.

The Luscious foundation stick is suitable for all skin types except extremely oily skin and is also dermatologically tested.

Continue reading…

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hits-of-islamabad-fashion-week Timeless glory of Islamabad fashion week (IFW) includes an arena of Pakistani fashion depicted by many seasoned and budding Pakistani fashion designers, stylists and fashion choreographers over Islamabad fashion runway.

Islamabad Fashion Week (IFW) bashed with latest trends and styles at Serena Hotel, Islamabad with four zestful days from 27 January 2011 to 30 January 2011. The show aimed to mark both history and inclusion of Islamabad in the world’s fashion capitals incorporating renowned Pakistani fashion designers and fashion brands together with fresh talent to get access over international buyers and to enhance opportunity of international business interest in Pakistan’s fabric. Continue reading…

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This is one of the most interesting but difficult questions of the world that what should keep and what should not in the beauty box, particularly while going out of your house?

This question becomes difficult with the change of weather, particularly sudden change in the weather force you to add or to take away some of the beauty products out of your beauty box. Every season has its own body and skin care requirements, so we should keep our self protected with the environmental hazards. Undoubtedly, using healthy make-up products helps in this regard, no matter, much or to some extent.

Almost all the ladies keeps something in their bag to give them fresh look, whenever they want; we will also help you out in this scenario, to more beautify you. Some basic cosmetics that you should keep within you include:

. A good nourishing lotion, in dry season, to keep you fresh and give your skin a deep & gentle moisturizer. Similarly, a standard cream with sun screen or simply a sun block with or above SPF 15 in summer season, to protect you from the ultra violet sun rays. SPF 15 lasts for at least 150 minutes or 2 and a half hour.

. An Antiperspirant or a body spray to get rid of the bad smell of perspiration and to feel fresh all the time.

. Always prefer to keep a fruity and chill lip balm of your own choice, to keep your lips moist and to give them a soft and charming look.

. Don’t forget to take a Bronzing powder, if you want to refresh your tidy look, whenever and wherever you want.

.  A hair brush to reset your hair after some course of time.

. A nail file, especially if you are more conscious about the maintenance of your nails.

. Last but not least, a Kajal, mascara or eyeliner, you can have any one of your favorite eye make-up product, to keep your eyes lively in the real sense.

So ladies, these are some of the essentials, you must carry within your beauty bag, while going out.

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In our first part, we have told you about some precautionary measures regarding make-up; particularly about preparation of good make-up looks. After organizing the make-up products and directing yourself towards the good make-up ability, you need to access some more preventive measures of make-up.

Always start make-up with the fresh face and temperament. Wash your face gently, probably with some good mild soap or face wash; and re-wash with chill water. Some beauticians suggests that message your face with an ice-cube before applying summer/spring make-up. First of all applying good moisturizer provides you fewer chances of cracks in the base of your make-up.

Apply the foundation/base with intense care in your make-up as an equally blended /smooth base easily hides the blemishes or stains of your face. On the contrary un-equal or badly blended base of make-up highlights the stains on your face and makes them more prominent. If you are fancy to apply concealer, then do not forget to match it with your foundation. Artistic make-up easily covers all unwanted marks of your face.

For fine make-up another important thing is to select the standard make-up brushes, especially for the blush. Blush in make-up simply adds extra shine in your face by highlighting your cheeks. Always apply light colored shades on your cheeks to have soft make-up look, and to enhance your natural beauty. Light colored make-up shades like peach or light pink helps you in this scenario. Dark colored make-up shades can’t give you rosy & soft look. Also remember that apply the shades on the appropriate place on the cheeks for quality make-up; smile is the best way to direct you.

Eyes being the prominent feature of your face require the careful make-up. Do not forget to keep tissue paper beneath the eyes while applying eye make-up; as the extra dust if sprinkle on the face would disturb your neat make over. Preferably apply the eye make-up shades according to your dress code, but to have bit natural looks apply the light shades. Do not forget to apply mascara to define your eye shape for a neat make-up.

Applying lipstick would be the last stage of your make-up. Dark shades of lipstick kills your soft or natural make-up looks. So always apply light but glowing shades of lipstick too. Lip glosses goes best in this regard. Lip balms with the fruity fresh colors & protein treatment keep your lips healthy and glowing.

By considering all these important points you can straightforwardly enhance your natural beauty through soft make-up.

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