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Things like free pie, your eye shadow, or your prosecco-induced buzz never seems to last forever. Many beauty tutorials say that in order to make your eye shadow last long you should use a primer, like the famous one from Urban Decay. But using a primer can make a shadow harder to blend in. So here, Gucci Cosmetics makeup artist Aaron Henrikson will show us alternative trick to making your eye shadow last forever and the colors look extra vibrant.

Step 1

[contentblock id=1 img=adsense.png]eye makeup tipsTo create a base for your eye shadow, select an eye pencil of a similar shade. The texture of the pencil creates a “grip” for your eye shadow to adhere to, with the contrasting textures. You can also lightly dust powder on the eyelid first to absorb any kind of excess oil. Henrikson starts by applying the pencil close to the lash line. In this case, he uses Gucci Impact Longwear Eye Pencil in Iconic Ottanio.

Step 2

makeup tipsYou can also use your finger to blend out the color from the pencil to cover the entire lid. Having a pencil of similar color for the base also makes the ensuing eye shadow color look extra intense.

Step 3

eyes makeupHenrikson then takes the shadow that’s of similar color (here, it’s Gucci Magnetic Color in Iconic Ottanio) and presses it into the eyelid. To set it, note that he is pressing the color into the color base created by the pencil, not sweeping or blending it.

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Step 4

makeupThe finished, rich eye look – that’s not going anywhere.

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