best summer swimming tipsSwimming is a very healthy and fun loving activity. It is a form of an exercise which keeps you healthy and fit. In hot summer season, swimming not only gives you freshness and keeps you cool but also rejuvenates your body cells and muscles.

Swimming is a type of exercise which keeps you healthy and fit. It not only regulates your body cells and muscles but also burns calories an increase your cardio vascular fitness level. It gives you freshness and cools you in hot summer season.

Swimming is also a good way to exercise, to spend leisure time and to keep your body healthy and fit. However, the benefits of swimming are numerous but it is very important to know the right swimming techniques to get the best results. Continue reading…

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a guide to how to dress our plus size body typeWe have excellent tips for the three body types and how one can look stunning by covering the negatives and exposing the positives of one’s body.

The prerequisite for good dressing requires understanding of your body type which really helps in improving the fit and appearance of your wardrobe. Make yourself look stunning by dressing appropriately keeping in consideration your plus size body type. We have excellent tips for the three body types and how one can look stunning by covering the negatives and exposing the positives of one’s body. Three types of plus size body types are most talked about in fashion.

The first type is:  Pear shaped figure where upper body is smaller than the lower half; athletic figures are straight, without curves, toned and majorly squared bodies; and apple shaped figures are those where upper body is larger than the lower half. One should remember that measurements change over a lifetime but the basic body type remains constant throughout. The pear shaped body types have defined waists and narrow back. Such body types should put more focus on the face, neck, chest, waist and arms. Some ways to broaden the shoulder line could be; by wearing wide colourful shirts having broad necks; square necklines and cowl necklines are helpful. Applying eye shade to highlight the small face is another useful tip. Continue reading…

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The bangles trend of 80s has revisited with new styles and designs in the form of plastic bangles. The vibrant and striking plastic bangles can add elegance and spark to your outfit in an affordable price.

Bangles trend has always been a part of feminine beauty since old ages. Though bangles trend in the present fashion era has been bit changed, but with the cheeky updates it has become more refined. The beauty of a fashion revival has always been the area of interest of all the fashion followers. Similar to many old fashion trends, the bangles trend has also been revived this summer. Continue reading…

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garnier launches an exciting skin care innovation garnier light spf 15 creamLeading hair and skin care brand Garnier, extends its technical expertise within their acclaimed Garnier Light range by launching the Garnier Light SPF 15 Cream in Pakistan. Based on the brands’ ethos of building from the science and power of nature, the Garnier Light range is enriched with naturally sourced and carefully extracted nature based active ingredients. The launch of the Garnier Light SPF 15 Cream marks an exciting advance within their acclaimed Skin Care research and development with natural ingredients, specially designed for Asian skin. Continue reading…

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As the clock struck 9, grab a mug of tea and settle down in front of the television switching the channels to see the morning shows. This has become a routine trend among the housewives and young girls of our society. These Pakistani morning shows have become a part of our lives since the past few years and have become a must talk among our ladies. That fresh look on the faces of our favorite glamorous morning show hosts even makes us fresh for the rest of the day.

The morning shows have become so common that every channel has started a show of its own. A beautiful glamorous morning show host, wearing a heavy designer outfit, sitting on a couch on a beautiful set, holding a set of cards with the outlines of the show written on them- is all that we see in the beginning of the morning show. The outline of these morning shows is more or less the same, with minor differences.

Fitness experts are guiding the viewers to fitness regimes. Different experts and doctors are called upon to give advice on the issues related to a particular topic. Most of them are cosmetologists, child specialists, gynecologists, psychologists and beauty experts. Even astrologists are called upon in a few Pakistani morning shows who after taking the details of the caller, tell them about their future. Then comes the turn of a celebrity guest, mainly a TV artist in most of the cases, talking about the current and upcoming projects. There could be one or more guests invited at a time, answering the questions and a light chit chat which the viewers love to watch. Continue reading…

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Rage of Pakistani DramasPakistani dramas are being broadcasted on several television channels and are popular worldwide including in India because they are written by intelligent writers and are enacted over strong screen play.

Dramas in Pakistan have a rich history as our media has produced many unforgettable shows. Beginning with our old shows such as “An-Kahi”, which is a play full of situational and witty comedy and “Alpha Bravo Charlie” encompassing around the life of three recently commissioned army officers and how they lived a military life. Pakistan television is the founder of television in our country just like Pakistan is a pioneer in drama making. The classic Pakistani dramas have been broadcasted on PTV for long and were even popular in India because they were written by intelligent writers and enacted by versatile actors. Continue reading…

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Catering for a wedding in Pakistani is a serious job that needs some keen intention because it is something that your family and friends will treasure for years.

If we talk about Pakistani marriages that are full of apprehension and panic, catering is something that can overcome all your concerns. You may have in planning the event and make your celebration a big hit. Irrespective of how much you spend on different functions of a wedding, but catering will be a big splash of your wedding. Continue reading…

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