Pakistani Morning Shows Mania!

As the clock struck 9, grab a mug of tea and settle down in front of the television switching the channels to see the morning shows. This has become a routine trend among the housewives and young girls of our society. These Pakistani morning shows have become a part of our lives since the past few years and have become a must talk among our ladies. That fresh look on the faces of our favorite glamorous morning show hosts even makes us fresh for the rest of the day.

The morning shows have become so common that every channel has started a show of its own. A beautiful glamorous morning show host, wearing a heavy designer outfit, sitting on a couch on a beautiful set, holding a set of cards with the outlines of the show written on them- is all that we see in the beginning of the morning show. The outline of these morning shows is more or less the same, with minor differences.

Fitness experts are guiding the viewers to fitness regimes. Different experts and doctors are called upon to give advice on the issues related to a particular topic. Most of them are cosmetologists, child specialists, gynecologists, psychologists and beauty experts. Even astrologists are called upon in a few Pakistani morning shows who after taking the details of the caller, tell them about their future. Then comes the turn of a celebrity guest, mainly a TV artist in most of the cases, talking about the current and upcoming projects. There could be one or more guests invited at a time, answering the questions and a light chit chat which the viewers love to watch.

The first and foremost reason to watch the morning shows for many is to look what the morning show host and the guests are wearing. The ladies draw ideas from the designs and color combinations of their dresses. See what kind of makeup are they wearing, their hairdos and their jewelry. These ladies on the morning shows can be given a lot of credit for setting the trends for the commoners for our society.

The morning shows have created a lot of awareness in the society about different issues. They have promoted other shows on their channels and created a market for them. They even have celebrated different occasions for a whole week and given away a lot of hampers to the winners.

The morning show hosts have discussed a lot of topics with their guests. And the best of all, they have contributed their bit to raise funds for the disasters like earthquake and the flood. However, on the other hand, these morning shows are becoming a waste of time for much useful can be done for your home and family during those morning hours. Yet these morning shows are doing a good job and are doing their best to improve their shows.

Some of the most famous shows and their hosts are as follows:

Dr. Shaista Wahidi on Utho jago Pakistan (Geo Television)
Nida Yasir on Good morning Pakistan (ARY Digital)
Noor on Morning with Hum (Hum Television)
Farah Hussain on Morning with Farah (Atv Television)
Savera Nadeem on Aaj Subh (Aaj Television)
Maya Khan on Subh Saveray Maya kay sath (Samaa Television)
Faisal Qureshi on Muskurati morning with Faisal (TV one Television)

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