The First Step to Beauty

Everyone in this world have strong urge to be beautiful. Its because beautiful people always catches eye glimpse everywhere . If you are beautiful ,you can be the center of attraction ,the Core of attention. When we  talk of beauty , It do not have only concern with physical appearance or Facial features. Beauty is something beyond it .It is all about a complete package of a person which includes his personality and thoughts also. In order to be beautiful , you have to  find your inner uniqueness . Yes ,there are billions of people in the world but something makes them  different form each other. To be beautiful you have to find what you own which others don’t…! Respect ,like and Admire yourself . this is really the first step to beauty…Whatever you wear ,no matter how expensive and stunning make up you put on …whatsoever hit hair style you have adopted …at end of the day ,your gate ,your personality and your expression Counts…Make up and a good wardrobe can give you the city style look but which attracts people to you ??? what makes them see at you? is none other then your own “Personnel Charisma“.

Here  are some Simple “DOs “  to achieve your “Personnel charisma” which is definitely first step to “Dear” Beauty.

Indulge in Spirituality.

Beauticians emphasize on cleansing of your skin but at the same time your heart also needs to  be cleansed from hatred, jealousy and anger.

  • Think Good .Be happy .
  • Drink lots of water .
  • Listen to  good Music.
  • Meet with the people whom company you cherish.
  • Have complete sleep because incomplete sleep not only increases stress but it also have impacts on your skin like of dullness and paleness.
  • Avoid any sort of tension ,a miserable  tension have strong effect on the behaviors and yes, it can give birth to the horrible wrinkles on your face.
  • Be Yourself. Don’t copy any style which is “in” all around street but  it doesn’t suit you.
  • Be pure .
  • Consult your beautician for Enhancing beauty but do “Inner” Beauty Job yourself.
  • Indulge in what you like…….

Wishing you a Happy Journey to “Beauty”…….!

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