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Borjan (Pvt) ltd is into designing and retailing of shoes through its own retail and partner retailer nationwide network for the last 16 years with the aim to provide exceptional shoes at affordable prices.  Borjan (Pvt) limited is now one of the leading shoe retailers in Pakistan with over 47 outlets in 33 cities of Pakistan selling approximately 500,000 pairs of shoes annually.

Borjan has almost 1,000 individuals employees nationwide, Borjan retail outlets offer a wide assortment of fashion, for gents & ladies. Located primarily in hub of 33 cities, our spacious stores offer the best value by providing good quality shoes at great prices. Customer service is fast thanks to a self selection shopping environment with qualified staff to serve and assist.

Impressive Brand range of Borjan caters to both genders that include Digger (outdoor casuals), Sky Walk (formal comforts), Matilla (informal casuals), Gig (formal) & Kashang. These brands are sold across Pakistan in top shoe stores in addition to our own 41 Retail Outlets.

Ora collection
Ora collection is very colorful and vivid collection for ladies tat has been specially designed for occasion like evening or formal get togethers. These are the delicate shimmery  shoes with high heels, diamantes, brooches, shimmery metallic effect materials, stones, bead work etc targeting the eastern western blend of party wear dresses and embroidered long kameez with culet or trouser of Raw Silk along with little embroidery on hemline.

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Luscious Cosmetics introduces a range of affordable delightfully well-priced diamond finish nail colour, a brand new ultra-shine lip gloss range, Incredible Lash Mascara, and a Deluxe Brush Set!

Luscious Diamond Finish Nail Lacquer

Luscious Cosmetics introduces its brand new range of nail colour in 16 irresistible shades that include the hottest colours seen on international catwalks for the season. The formula is free from formaldehyde, DBP and Toluene which are common toxic ingredients present in many nail polish brands and can have serious harmful effects. The high gloss, quick dry formula is perfect to drench your fingertips in unstoppable colour!

Ultra-shine Lip Gloss

Turn on the shine with Luscious Ultra-shine lip gloss in an array of gorgeous super-shiny shades that add a glistening, glassy, splash of colour with a delicious fruity scent. It coats lips with a shot of ultra-glam that goes on smooth and fast with a silky brush applicator, keeping you in perfect control. Protects and nourishes your lips with the powerful antioxidant  trio of  vitamin A, C and E.

Incredible Lash Mascara

Luscious Incredible Lash Mascara provides volume, length and curl for the longest, fullest lashes. The waterproof, all-in-one formula contains conditioning and strengthening ingredients for beautiful, Luscious lashes. The special brush spirals around each lash to lift, curl, and define for a perfect application and intense velvety finish. Hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive eyes. Get ready for lashes with a little more oomph and a lot more glamour.

12 piece Deluxe Brush Set

A deluxe, twelve-piece brush collection for the diva who’s got to have it all. This brush set includes 12 luxury brushes for creating a professional, polished makeup application and includes a face powder brush, a foundation brush, a lip brush, a brow brush, two different eyeliner brushes, and six eye shadow brushes. These high quality brushes have sleek handles and top quality synthetic Taklon hairs in keeping with the cruelty free policy of Luscious Cosmetics. This set comes with its own glamorous faux leather carrying case.

The cosmetics line already includes a line of pressed powders, a whitening base, a range of foundation, lipsticks, lip glosses, eye shadows, and blush and includes an acclaimed mascara and Catwalk eyeliner.

Go Get Luscious! Celebrate Your Beauty!

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Winter cold is an annual ritual most of us go through so regularly that winter cold is becoming a bad habit. Winter cold is a nightmare; winter cold is dreaded by everyone. Winter cold is an inconvenience we all want to avoid. However we forget to take precaution for this winter cold every winter. There are some easy winter cold remedies right in front of you. Don’t be lazy and take caution otherwise get ready for the winter cold to attack.

Every day every winter would be ideal but right before winter cold symptoms are showing start drinking warm honey water. Add lemon in the warm honey water and that is magical. Winter cold is best fought with good dose of Vitamin C. Make sure to consciously take lots of Vitamin C during winter cold. Vitamin C strengthens your metabolism against winter cold; hence Vitamin C is your perfect weapon to fight this regular battle against winter cold.

It is time to pull up our socks before winter cold takes us down and leaves us sour.

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Breakfast is important. Importance of breakfast is undisputed in every way. Breakfast routine bores some. Here are a few ways of experimenting with your breakfast.

International breakfast ideas can be very interesting. Start your day with going global with your breakfast. Japanese breakfast has rice, soup and steamed vegetables. Reduced fat and nutrients for breakfast is a good idea.

Native Americans ate popcorns for breakfast. Delicious light popcorns add variety to breakfast. Munch on them for breakfast with a warm cup of milk maybe.

Cereals for breakfast are mundane, but no longer. Breakfast cereals have a lot of variety with fruit added and syrups of all sorts. If all these alternate breakfast ideas are not breakfast enough for you then mid morning snack is a good idea. Try to keep your breakfast rich with snack protein.

If the same old bread and egg is boring you then experiment your breakfast but don’t skip it; at any cost.

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Fashion is one of the beautiful ways of expressing a personality; it directly communicates one’s life style. No matter it’s the dress, the collection of jewelry, the hairstyle, footwear, bags, perfumes and other accessories etc, all the things you carry tells something about your personality.

In order to maintain your right image, you need to be careful about the fashion statement, you are with. It is the form of non-verbal communication, when you represent yourself; your class, gender, education or occupation, your family background, locality, rank etc, through your looks. Fashion has strong relation with the Semiotics, as it is also a language of signs & symbols, and non-verbally communicates the meanings about an individual. So, if you know the body art of representing yourself, you can have a better image.

Now in today’s fast era of competition, everyone wants to look better as compared to others. People are adopting new fashion trends and most of the people don’t feel hesitate in experimenting some latest Fashion style. This trend of adopting and experimenting fresh Fashion expression is gaining importance all over the world, in all the Fashion industries globally.

In our Pakistani Fashion industry as well, people are implementing new Fashion styles in their everyday life, by various means. Pakistani Fashion industry is establishing its well renowned name in the world of style and Fashion. It’s because of the large number of people working in it, like the models, designers, stylists etc. These fashion celebrities have their own style charisma and personage; no matter they are on ramp, on the cover page of some magazine, on screen, or on the Red Carpet.

There is also an emerging trend of introducing innovative Fashion statement by the Fashion icons. Special shows & programs are arranged by different T.V channels and Fashion magazines, just to have few comments of the Fashion personalities and to catch their looks. In this way, Fashion followers pursue their Fashion style and try to implement it in their lifestyle. Not only the Fashion followers are making the Red Carpet an important place to watch out but the Fashion stars are becoming conscious too. Fashion celebrities feel honor to introduce them as the Red Carpet personality. In order to have better looks, almost all of them like to wear dress by well-reputed designers, have their make-up done by some prominent salons, their jewelry collection by some well-liked jewelry designer etc.

In short, the manner through which Fashion personalities represent them on the Red Carpet, is rapidly grabbing the attention of the Fashion lovers. 

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“Friendship is the cooperative and supportive relationship between two or more people. Friendship connotes a relationship which involves mutual knowledge, esteem, affection, and respect along with a degree of rendering service to friends in times of need or crisis,” this is the definition of friendship that I found in the dictionary but I am more than sure that rather than words friendship is more of a feeling.

Friendship is one of the rare miracles of life which everyone gets to experiene once in his lifetime. Friendship is not something to take for granted as it is as precious as pearl and as sweet as love. Actually for me friendship is love at its best if you take the blood relations out of the equation.

Friendship unlike ralations is one thing you get to choose on your own probably which is why it is more near to heart as every man relishes his own achievements anf finds.

Friendships come along so rarely, and I am so thankful to have met my friend that we must move past anything that threatens our friendship and see the big picture. Without our friendships, we are indeed lost.

friendship is a feeling of belonging and nothing can replace it.

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Most diets manage to trap us only because of their good advertising tactics. If you are following a diet that most people around you are doesn’t mean the diet is good. It only means the diet has good advertising tools.

A typical scenario; you start a diet, you lose weight and then keep following the diet but you stop losing weight. You lose faith in the diet so you go off the diet. As soon as you go off the diet you gain weight even more easily than before the diet. This is because most diets slow down your metabolism in the long run.

Our weight is not about what diet we follow but is directly related to the difference between energy intake and energy used, which is directly related to metabolism. Losing weight is not about following one diet after another diet. Losing weight comes from increasing your metabolism. In your diet just make sure you eat only how much you can burn.

The ideal situation is incorporate exercise in your life. No one can dispute exercise helps lose weight. Losing weight can be made more effective with a careful eye on your diet. No hassle of elaborate starving diets just a little caution is good enough for weight watching.

There are a lot of good for nothing diets out there so be careful of who you believe; it is what you eat that makes who you are after all!

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L’Oréal Paris, the world’s leading beauty brand, launch in Pakistan bringing with them their tradition of celebrating beauty, cultivating technical expertise and defining glamour. Started by young French chemist Eugène Schueller one hundred years ago, L’Oréal Paris’ historical belief is deep-rooted in the now iconic motto: ‘Because You’re Worth It!’ This conviction will come to life with an interactive five day mall animation event in Karachi and later in Lahore where mall visitors will be invited to experience the L’Oréal Paris beauty lifestyle. Indeed, both events are stylishly set to introduce L’Oréal to Pakistan’s beauty, fashion and consumer industries respectively.

Speaking about the launch of L’Oréal Paris, Pakistan CEO Musharaf Hai has said “Beauty is about self esteem, confidence and optimism – our vision is to inspire Pakistani women and men with the world’s foremost Beauty brand, L’Oreal Paris”.

L’Oréal Paris will glamourise and transform the Park Towers Mall in Karachi and the Mall of Lahore where they are set to encourage patrons and visitors to experience all areas of beauty with their brand, including; personalised skin care attention from leading dermatologists and skin specialists engaging the L’Oréal Paris Dermo Expertise range; Autumn/Winter makeover’s by the celebrated stylists’ using the eponymous L’Oréal Paris cosmetics line; finding the perfect L’Oréal Paris hair colour with their unbeatable Excellence and Casting ranges with help from expert colour technicians. Lastly, hair styling tips and advice from L’Oréal Paris stylists using their Elvive and their Studio Line ranges.

Both open mall animations will be preceded by L’Oréal Paris’ exclusive industry debut a day before each city opens up to the public; Karachi will witness an exclusive style show by the iconic Nabila and fashion by designer Nida Azwer. An interactive talk by the illustrious skin specialist Peng Qureshi will also feature in the evenings’ activities.

This event will also reveal and introduce L’Oréal Pakistan’s spokespeople, a selection of ladies who complement the brands’ rich heritage of cultivating spokespeople from the world of arts, fashion and beauty.

In Lahore, L’Oréal Paris’ style show will be staged by the young and dynamic Toni and Guy creative director, Lahore, Shammal Qureshi including a fashion showcase by Maria B’s contemporary M Girl line.

L’Oréal Paris’ launch in Pakistan and mall animation events hotly follows their international acclaim for 100 years of sophistication and beauty. Indeed, speaking about L’Oréal, CEO Jean-Paul Agon has said, “we have to move towards what I call ‘accessible innovation’, targeting a very broad customer base.” He says to succeed further, L’Oréal must strive “to keep the spirit and values that have been at the heart of the company for these 100 years…Its about innovation, but its more about spirit – a passion for beauty, a quest for excellence in terms of science, innovation, quality and a real faith in research.”

L’Oréal Paris is now in Pakistan – Join us in celebrating 100 years of legendary beauty.

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Cell phones are now available in a large variety of fashion designs and functions, including those that allow users to send pictures they drew on their screen. Today’s cell phones are more than just communication devices; they have become indispensable tools of everyday use offering a multitude of functions like text messaging and information downloading and playing games when you have not much to do.

Within a couple of years the cell phones, once an expensive luxury item, found themselves in the hands of everyone from business workers to homemakers to teenagers. Cell phones are ever becoming a fashion statement in our world and it seems to be a race to get the best and the latest cell phone there is.

Many people have been converted to cell phone fashion so much that that they are beginning to identify their personality and individuality with the type of cell phone or model they carry. Just as many plan their wardrobe for the season ahead; they also accessorize their cell phone with accessories to suit their personality.

From an ever-blossoming multitude of functions to their attention-grabbing sounds and fashion designs, cell phones are now much more than just tools for communication. They have become a fashion statement, do-it-all, super devices which are not only communication devices anymore.

Cell phones have become a luxury from a necessity.

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Well people, hold your hearts as it’s time to fasten your heart beats. Our great Former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf had a lovely meeting with the President of Miss Pakistan World, Sonia Ahmed.

Both the presidents of their respective fields, not only enjoyed each other’s company, but the Miss Pakistan World 2009, Ayesha Gilani was also with them to make the night unforgettable. Three of them met in the capital of United States at The Westin Hotel in Arlington, Washington DC. Both the ladies, especially the President of Miss Pakistan World, Sonia Ahmed was very excited to meet one of the powerful men of Pakistan. It would be not wrong if we will say that she had over-excited feeling at the time of his arrival.

But before the arrival of President Pervez Musharraf, there were ten men, standing outside the hotel and protesting against the Pervez Musharraf. They were saying ‘go Musharraf go’ and were holding the banners of ‘Nawaz Shrif’. As a response of their protest, both the ladies stopped their car in front of those men, and started rejoicing, by saying ‘We Love Musharraf’. Sonia and Ayesha shocked them a lot and to their surprise, started dancing about; as they were not considering their protest and were very happy on the arrival of Musharraf. One of the devotee asked Sonia, whether she was a Punjabi? She laughed at him and replied, yes; and to their interest, she told that Ayesha Gilani is from Lahore, Pakistan who is also a Punjabi. There were only two ladies against the ten men, surprisingly amazing! Isn’t it?

Finally, when the President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf came along with his subordinates, they became over rejoiced, and after few minutes, their great man was standing just beside them.

All of them had a lovely time with one another, they had interesting talks, laughs, and the dinner at the end. Particularly Sonia Ahmed was imagining his height, his tanned skin, his scent, his aura, his smile, his broad shoulders, and his twinkling eyes as well. At last, she touched him… she couldn’t believe that the man she dreamt of meeting was with her. President of Miss Pakistan World, Sonia Ahmed already admired him a lot as a man of an applause stature, with demanding attitude & command; but even then humble and extremely mannered.

In this way, Sonia Ahmed got an opportunity to talk to President Pervez Musharraf face to face and had photographs, shoulder to shoulder.

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