Former President Musharraf with Sonia Ahmed

Well people, hold your hearts as it’s time to fasten your heart beats. Our great Former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf had a lovely meeting with the President of Miss Pakistan World, Sonia Ahmed.

Both the presidents of their respective fields, not only enjoyed each other’s company, but the Miss Pakistan World 2009, Ayesha Gilani was also with them to make the night unforgettable. Three of them met in the capital of United States at The Westin Hotel in Arlington, Washington DC. Both the ladies, especially the President of Miss Pakistan World, Sonia Ahmed was very excited to meet one of the powerful men of Pakistan. It would be not wrong if we will say that she had over-excited feeling at the time of his arrival.

But before the arrival of President Pervez Musharraf, there were ten men, standing outside the hotel and protesting against the Pervez Musharraf. They were saying ‘go Musharraf go’ and were holding the banners of ‘Nawaz Shrif’. As a response of their protest, both the ladies stopped their car in front of those men, and started rejoicing, by saying ‘We Love Musharraf’. Sonia and Ayesha shocked them a lot and to their surprise, started dancing about; as they were not considering their protest and were very happy on the arrival of Musharraf. One of the devotee asked Sonia, whether she was a Punjabi? She laughed at him and replied, yes; and to their interest, she told that Ayesha Gilani is from Lahore, Pakistan who is also a Punjabi. There were only two ladies against the ten men, surprisingly amazing! Isn’t it?

Finally, when the President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf came along with his subordinates, they became over rejoiced, and after few minutes, their great man was standing just beside them.

All of them had a lovely time with one another, they had interesting talks, laughs, and the dinner at the end. Particularly Sonia Ahmed was imagining his height, his tanned skin, his scent, his aura, his smile, his broad shoulders, and his twinkling eyes as well. At last, she touched him… she couldn’t believe that the man she dreamt of meeting was with her. President of Miss Pakistan World, Sonia Ahmed already admired him a lot as a man of an applause stature, with demanding attitude & command; but even then humble and extremely mannered.

In this way, Sonia Ahmed got an opportunity to talk to President Pervez Musharraf face to face and had photographs, shoulder to shoulder.

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