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Well people if you are diet conscious person and were taking controlled diet before Ramadan, then you need not to worry about your weight in Ramadan too. We are here to give you the weight maintaining tips, through our ‘Ramadan Diet Schedule’.

We all know that in this Holy month of Ramadan, in one place we can gain maximum religious benefits but in another place we can gain much weight as well. So reduce your chances of weight gain by avoiding the extra oily & fatty eatables. No doubt, the yummy & appetizing food items would be their on your dining table to make you feel impatient & to grab you interest; but the thing is, you need to have strong control on your self. Try to take the slow-releasing & high-protein energy foods preferably; to keep you full for quite ling time.

Now we are going to tell you the Ramadan Diet Schedule, which will definitely help you out.

At Sehri: 1 Chapatti with any recipe of vegetable, chicken or pulses (1 plate), + 1 small bowl yogurt but with less quantity of sugar in it; with 1 cup tea/milk/lassi/fresh juice.     OR
2-3 Bran Slices, 2 egg whites or an omelet including less oil and much fresh seasonal  vegetables/butter, + 1 small bowl yogurt but with less quantity of sugar in it; with 1 cup tea/milk/lassi/fresh juice.

At Iftari: Fruit chart/chana chart/dahi bhalley (1 bowl), 2 Pakoras/ 1 samosa/1 chiken roll, any seasonal fruit juice/Milk soda/ any refreshing drink but with less quantity of sugar in it. In fact, break your fast with a date and a drink for quick sugar fix.

Take water 2-3 glass at least in short intervals.

At Dinner: 1 chapatti with any recipe+ Diet drink.          OR
Chinese/boiled rice+ raita or any salad (without cream).   OR
Bar B.Q or your own choice+ Diet drink.

30 minutes must walk and a cup of green tea, after dinner and before going to bed will definitely make you feel comfortable to take the next sahri.

Fasting is considered as a refinement process for your body, mind and soul; so get complete pleasure from this blessed month of Ramadan by all means.

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Ramadan is unique; Ramadan not only tests the strength of our faith but also makes our more steadfast in our beliefs. Ramadan is not only about abstinence from food, Ramadan goes beyond to self control. Ramadan is about patience in the face of a temper tantrum. Ramadan helps the conquest of self’s weaknesses. Ramadan is finally that opportunity we wait for all year for finale of the constant struggle of betterment. All this and much more take new height in Ramadan.

“O’ People! Anyone who during this month (Ramadan) cultivates good manners will walk over the Sirat (bridge to Paradise) on the day when feet will tend to slip. For anyone who during this month (Ramadan) eases the workload of his servants, Allah will make easy his accounting, and for anyone who does not hurt others during this month, Allah will safeguard him from His wrath on the Day of Judgment.”

This hadith helps us understand better how Ramadan is not only about nights of long prayers but about the little good deeds we so ruthlessly ignore in our everyday lives.

The first ten days of Ramadan come with divine call to seek blessings as many as you like. Traditionally ‘rahmat ki duain’ are widely available in Quran and Hadith. Allah listens to you in your language, try asking Him sincerely He hardly ever refuses. May Allah guide us to Siraat-e Mustaqeem, and accept our ‘rahmat ki duain’ just as He may accept our Ramadan.

As this holy month of Ramadan begins, let us all prepare ourselves for salvation and blessings unlimited. It is the beginning of Ramadan already it is time to be reciting ‘rahamt ki duain’.

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Well people, you must be enjoying knowing about the ‘Special Ramadan offers’, we are providing you; concerning one of the famous restaurants, ‘‘Salt n Pepper’’.

The number of restaurants in Pakistan is raised considerably, especially in Lahore. Lahore’s, the fun & food loving people, always remain in search of better place to eat and take pleasure in and can’t compromise on their habit; Salt n pepper, is a place where they can sit comfortably and enjoy the lavishness of the food. From real Lahori to international food items, you will find the food items of your own choice. The interior decoration of the restaurant makes its atmosphere more attention grabbing and attractive.

In this Ramadan, ‘Salt n Pepper, Golden Lotus’ offers the following exciting package:

In “Salt n Pepper, Golden Lotus” branch, one of the most striking & likable branches of “Salt n Pepper” and positioned on 102-C-II, Gulberg-III, Lahore, is presenting an exceptional offer of ‘Iftar cum Dinner Buffet’ in Rs. 650 only. Great! Isn’t it?

So, Lahori fun & food loving people, are you ready to come and discover another place of your own choice? If yes then what are you waiting for?

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On the arrival of Ramadan, almost all the restaurants start competing each other in their Special Ramadan offers, but in all the branches of “Salt n Pepper”, you can compare the difference by enjoying the lavish food along with the comfortable environment.

In our first part, we have informed you about an invigorating ‘Special Ramadan offer’ of “Village”, by one of the significant food chains of Pakistan, “Salt n Pepper”. Now we will tell you about another unique offer by another branch of ‘Salt n Pepper’, the “Salt n Pepper, Grill”.

The Salt n Pepper, Grill offers the very lip-smacking and splendid grilled meat, poultry and seafood as well, and you will enjoy eating them certainly. Besides them they servers freshly prepared dishes, pastas, baked food items, and soups, together with the finest salad bar etc. The Special Ramadan offer of Salt n Pepper, Grill includes the following package.

In “Salt n Pepper, Grill”, which is situated in Gulberg-II, Lahore, they are offering ‘Iftar cum Dinner Buffet’ in only Rs. 750; and in addition to this, they have ‘Sehri Buffet’ (only on Saturdays & Sundays) in only Rs. 450.

So people, come and avail the opportunity of enjoying scrumptious food in pleasant environment with in such reasonable Special Ramadan packages.

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You may have heard about the ‘Ramadan Special offers’ by various different restaurants; but haven’t experienced the one, which we are going to reveal.

In this blessed month of Ramadan, one of the tremendous food chains of Pakistan, “Salt n Pepper” brings you some exciting and affordable deals for all the believers of Islam. There are a number of branches of “Salt n Pepper” flourishing enormously in the heart of Pakistan, Lahore. Like the “Salt n Pepper, Village”, “Salt n Pepper, Grill”, and “Salt n Pepper, Golden Lotus”.

In “Salt n Pepper, Village” branch, which is located on MM. Alam road, Gulberg-III, Lahore, there is a special ‘Iftar cum Dinner Buffet’ in only Rs. 790; and they have ‘Sehri Buffet’ (only on Saturdays & Sundays in only Rs. 450.

“Salt n Pepper, Village” is a restaurant which provides superb & valued food items in a vast variety. The major reason of its attraction is its village like atmosphere. They have decorated the whole restaurant according to the village culture and one can feel & enjoy the village customs, while visiting here. The presentation of food is also exactly according to the village civilization. Besides a large variety of traditional & delicious food items, you can get pleasure from the atmosphere; which gives an impression of the culture of Punjab. It means it’s a must visit place.

So people, make your Ramadan more unusual & enjoyable with all the thrilling offers of your favorite “Salt n Pepper Village”.

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Like many other important things to recite in this Holy month of Ramadan, one prestigious gift is narrated by Hazrat Salman Farsi in a long Hadith, which is as follows:

On the last day of Sha’ban Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) gave an address in which he highlighted the significance to Ramadan and its importance. He said, ALLAH has made ‘Fasting’ obligatory in this month and has made ‘Standing in Night’ a matter of Ajar-o-Sawab. One Nafal is equal to Faraz and one Faraz multiplied with 70.

Do four things as much as you can:
1.    Kalima Tayyaba (لاَ الٰہَ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہ)
2.    Istighfar (استغفراللہ ربی من کل ذنب و اتوب الیہ )
And Beg From Allah
3.    Jannat
4.    Freedom from Hell Fire

Recite these influential & esteemed things, and avail the opportunity to get rewards as much as you can. Especially, standing in night, besides fasting, is a prospect from which one should be benefited.

So, don’t miss the chance in this month of Ramadan.

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Part 1, Calorie Counter

Healthy figure is not that hard to attain, you just need little effort and a lot concentration. There are many ways to do active & healthy activities in our every day routine; you can get more with modest attention to get a perfect healthy build.

In today’s hectic era, a busy person can avail many opportunities to remain in shape, through his/her active life style. At First, you are supposed to undergo or rethink about your daily work routine. When you wake-up in the morning till you turn back towards your bed; undergo the tasks you do or the duties you perform, particularly towards maintaining a healthy & balanced life style. You might have heard that little changes make big differences. In this scenario, we will tell you some fruitful tips to get a desired healthy physique. First of all, in this part, we will discuss the eating habits.

The most important thing is to consider your “Diet plan”. Your first step initiate from your dining table; as the little care on your kitchen table will give you reward in other areas of life as well. What you eat and at what time, as if you are continuously trying to lose your weight or struggling to live vigorous but don’t have control on yummy yummy eatables, then it becomes hard to catch a healthy figure. Eating a fresh fruit, instead of a piece of cake or even a candy or a chocolate bar, these little changes make big differences.

How many times in a day you “tried” not to eat much calorie food items? What do you want, more taste or more health? Well you can enjoy both at a time by considering the fact that excess of every thing is bad. Do eat what you want to but with little care, try to calculate the calorie count or nutritional values of the eatable you are consuming. Instead of eating a full fledged piece of cake or a full scope of ice-cream, eat just a little chunk; to remove your appetite without taking a huge amount of additional fats. Avoid the food stuff having a smaller amount of nutritional values, like excess of bakery products will lead your body to obtain extra fats. Avoid much corn products or corn syrup, which is a calorie rich & nutritionally drain sweetener; these types of eatables are considered worst than the white sugar. Besides them, almost every person is familiar that avoiding oily products and extra dairy fats is a common constraint. Adding vegetables, chiefly green ones will help you to reduce desire for more calories.

Do not forget that consuming fewer calories and avoiding those with less or no nutritional values, will lead you towards healthy figure.

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Shoes, sigh! What is life without those high heels, pointy, shiny shoes? There’s just something about shoes! Why do women suffer the pain of cramped toes and blisters for the sake of fashion? Why the obsession with shoes? Why do our hearts go pitter patter at a window display of leather, fabric, and glue that we call shoes? For me, beautiful red patent leather shoes was what started my obsession. I was raised on stories where fairytale shoes are featured, like “Cinderella,” “The Wizard of Oz,” and “The Dancing Princesses.” At the age of five I desperately wanted to be Dorothy and I wanted her sparkly red shoes.

Most women have a love/hate relationship with high heel shoes, they know how painful they can be, but they can’t resist the call of a pretty pair of pumps, even if they do have horrible, horrible four inch heels. Shoes with high heels on women add to their charms.

Shoes are an important part of our lives and something that we only bear to part when going to sleep. Shoes have climbed high in the fashion world nonetheless in the real world people still look at the shoes before the face of a person to know what he/she really is made of.

High heels are in. There’s no denying that. And, a fashion-minded woman knows the higher the heel, the taller and thinner she looks.

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To know what style of clothing will look great on you first and foremost you have to know your body shape. Once you have evaluated your body shape only then you can pick the appropriate style of clothing.

Pick your body shape and follow the basic rules style of clothing.

Body shape narrower at the top half and wider at the lower hip should make their body look proportionate by widening the shoulders.

A V-frame body shape is one, which is wider at the bust and the shoulders appear to be wider than the hips. Choosing style of clothing that has width and fullness in the skirt or pants is a good idea.

An H-frame body shape appears to be straight up and down. A bloused garment with a flared skirt and belted waist, or a straight garment like a chemise dress is recommended style of clothing.

8-frame figure is the perfect figure and it is perfectly balanced figure. Bust is full; waist is small, with average length and hips are perfectly shaped. This body shape should choose style of clothing that fit the body and identify the waist.

Remember to create good balance from top to bottom. Use your style of clothing to the best advantage to accentuate your body shape. Wear what fits you right today.

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We are Pakistanis and this is a fact no man and no land can change. No matter what color we are or how we speak or what we wear and where we live we will always be Pakistanis. But now the question is whether or not we are proud to be a part of Pakistan.

Are we proud to belong to a nation formed by sweat and blood of the freedom fighters? Thanks to those fearless strong headed Pakistanis today we breadth the air of independence and walk the road of evolution.

Pakistan is a land of many miracles and wonders and one should never over look the fact that we are the people of Allah and this land was a gift to us from Him. How we were successful to get Pakistan and how it is still standing with a straight back are things not less than miracles. Many decades have passed but Pakistan managed to stand its ground no matter who ruled it or who bought it! We Pakistanis have a lot to be thankful for and not much to complaint about but sadly Pakistanis do just the opposite.

What really makes a Pakistani? Generations before us and generations after us will probably never know for we have taken Pakistan, the gifted land for granted.

In my opinion on this 14th august we should not pass with some music and good fun but ponder on the question; who a true Pakistani is and try our level best to achieve that goal.
We belong to Pakistan and InshAllah we will prove to be Pakistanis, as well!

Pakistan is the land of many gifts and we as Pakistani should do justice to it.

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