Ramadan Diet Plan

Well people if you are diet conscious person and were taking controlled diet before Ramadan, then you need not to worry about your weight in Ramadan too. We are here to give you the weight maintaining tips, through our ‘Ramadan Diet Schedule’.

We all know that in this Holy month of Ramadan, in one place we can gain maximum religious benefits but in another place we can gain much weight as well. So reduce your chances of weight gain by avoiding the extra oily & fatty eatables. No doubt, the yummy & appetizing food items would be their on your dining table to make you feel impatient & to grab you interest; but the thing is, you need to have strong control on your self. Try to take the slow-releasing & high-protein energy foods preferably; to keep you full for quite ling time.

Now we are going to tell you the Ramadan Diet Schedule, which will definitely help you out.

At Sehri: 1 Chapatti with any recipe of vegetable, chicken or pulses (1 plate), + 1 small bowl yogurt but with less quantity of sugar in it; with 1 cup tea/milk/lassi/fresh juice.     OR
2-3 Bran Slices, 2 egg whites or an omelet including less oil and much fresh seasonal  vegetables/butter, + 1 small bowl yogurt but with less quantity of sugar in it; with 1 cup tea/milk/lassi/fresh juice.

At Iftari: Fruit chart/chana chart/dahi bhalley (1 bowl), 2 Pakoras/ 1 samosa/1 chiken roll, any seasonal fruit juice/Milk soda/ any refreshing drink but with less quantity of sugar in it. In fact, break your fast with a date and a drink for quick sugar fix.

Take water 2-3 glass at least in short intervals.

At Dinner: 1 chapatti with any recipe+ Diet drink.          OR
Chinese/boiled rice+ raita or any salad (without cream).   OR
Bar B.Q or your own choice+ Diet drink.

30 minutes must walk and a cup of green tea, after dinner and before going to bed will definitely make you feel comfortable to take the next sahri.

Fasting is considered as a refinement process for your body, mind and soul; so get complete pleasure from this blessed month of Ramadan by all means.

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