Body shape defines style

To know what style of clothing will look great on you first and foremost you have to know your body shape. Once you have evaluated your body shape only then you can pick the appropriate style of clothing.

Pick your body shape and follow the basic rules style of clothing.

Body shape narrower at the top half and wider at the lower hip should make their body look proportionate by widening the shoulders.

A V-frame body shape is one, which is wider at the bust and the shoulders appear to be wider than the hips. Choosing style of clothing that has width and fullness in the skirt or pants is a good idea.

An H-frame body shape appears to be straight up and down. A bloused garment with a flared skirt and belted waist, or a straight garment like a chemise dress is recommended style of clothing.

8-frame figure is the perfect figure and it is perfectly balanced figure. Bust is full; waist is small, with average length and hips are perfectly shaped. This body shape should choose style of clothing that fit the body and identify the waist.

Remember to create good balance from top to bottom. Use your style of clothing to the best advantage to accentuate your body shape. Wear what fits you right today.

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