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The tender feeling of running your hand on a soft velvety texture and tastefully woven rug is enough to captivate the aesthetically inclined. Nothing can fascinate the eyes than a fashionably designed oriental Turkish rugs.

Although, there exists an ambiguity in its origin and where the art of Turkish rugs began being practised first, but it is true that this art is an anceint one. infact, it’s as old as the hills of Anatolia.  it is thought that Central Asian Turks, who settled in Anatolia brought the art to the region. In the 13th century, Turkish rugs gained popularity owing to the Selcuks and then was further refined during the period fo the Ottomans, who added the distinctive ‘Palace style’ to it.

Turkish Rugs are also used as walla hangings

Turkish Rugs are also used as walla hangings

Here are a few interesting facts about this oriental art:

•    Materials used for the preparation of these outstanding rugs usually include silk, pure wool, wool on cotton, and viscose cotton, using both vegetable and chemical dyes. Though vegetable dyes follows the traditional method of making it.

•    This art is retained in Hereke, near Istanbul. World’s finest silk rugs are weaved here and it traces back to the Ottoman period of rule.

•    Today this art is only preserved in turkey and employ all the weaving techniques including kilim, cicim, zili, sumak.

•    Earlier, there were certain basic colors which were used with floral and geometrical motifs, but later on, animal motifs became a distinct quality and gained popularity during the 14th and 15th century.

•    The Ottoman style rugs drew on rather naturalistic techniques of showing sinuous branches, leaves, tulips, hyacinths and carnations, among other various patterns and designs.

•    The usage of Rugs has advanced over the years. In earlier times, it was restricted in public places, rather more expensive places were seen decorated with Turkish rugs but today every person, with a strong passion for art prefers to decorate their homes with this exotic masterpiece. Whether in the bedroom or drawing room, it enhances the look of your home brilliantly.

•    With the arrival of glass top tables, Turkish runner and rugs are considered more stylish and tasteful, even decorated on glass tables.

•    The price ranges from PK. Rs 5,000 for a rather smaller rug and goes over PK. Rs. 100,000 for a larger and more intricately woven silk rug.

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Laugh the world laugh with you

You may have heard the phenomenon of ‘laughter therapy’. Have you ever think about it seriously? Now we will tell you some of the benefit s of smile.

According to a research children smiles almost 400 times in a day and adults smile only about 15 times in a day. This is the reason that children have less risk of adopting some small diseases as compared to adults.

Only a little smile adds more liveliness in your life. A smile does wonders for your, physical, mental and psychological health. Through so many researches, now it has become necessary part of the medical kit.

Doctors and physicians throughout the whole world strongly agree on this fact that laughter and smile can make you to feel better and can prevent you from so many different diseases. Even some doctors called a ‘Pain killer’. They said this because laughter can actually helps to heal the wounds at times.

Smiles can increases the feelings of happiness and hope in patients. Through smiles they feel light and fresh and in this way they start taking things easy and relaxing. This thing enhances their hope to get well soon. Smiles also give new life to the dull or bit in active parts of your heart.



In some foreign countries, there are special treatments of providing laughter to the patients. Some hospitals 24 hours’ funny T.V channels, they shows different funny films, dramas, songs, clips and jokes etc. other then this some hospitals have special arrangements of clowns in their set-up just to make their patients laugh. Besides these efforts all the hospital staff, specially doctors and nurses are directed to treat their patients with a smile on their faces. To make them smile is the part of their duty.

Even when entering into the operation theater, doctors try their best to make patient as happy as they can.  Smiles increase the power of immune system and helps in maintaining the blood pressure as well. Smiles decrease your stress level

and make your muscles so relaxing.

So if you want to implement all these benefits of smile in your life then smile please.

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Many of us face the problem of dry and rough heels. So, if you want to have soft and smooth heels, than take good care of your heels in this way.

There are so many reasons of the dryness of the heels. The biggest reason is that the skin of our heels is very dense & thick; due to this natural oil of the body hardly reach that area. In this way the natural oil almost fails to keep our heels soft and temper.

For keeping our heels soft, we need external oils and extra care. So many oily products are easily available in the markets for maintaining our toes healthy.

Some experts recommend that it’s good to avoid anti bacterial soap for heels, no matter if they are beauty soaps as well. These soaps can cause dryness on your heels.

Now we will tell you some home made softening tips for your toes those suite better for your toes skin. It’s always good to do some massage specially oil massage on your heels gently.

Mix rose water with the glycerin and few drops of lemon and then apply it on your toes. It will make your toes soft and smooth. Also the mixture of turmeric and lemon considers as ideal. Apply the mixture of turmeric and lemon daily on your hands, arms and feet; and massage for about 15 minutes before going to bed at night.

Lemon actually cleanses your skin and turmeric makes it soft & glowing. The mixture of lemon and turmeric protect us to some extent from the bad effect of chemicals containing soaps and from the chlorine present in the water.

Prefers the creams contain apricot and honey, as they are full of nutrition and secure your skin from wrinkles. If you want to make your rough skin soft in short span of time then apply heavy quantity of softening or cold creams on your heels. Daily application of creams or lotion before going to sleep make your skin soft as soon as you do it.

So you need to give extra care to your heels for keeping them as soft as you want.

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If exercise seems too tedious and monotonous to you and you can’t pertain to show persistence in it, then why not try something more interesting and fun to do. Ever thought of trying Belly-dancing to lose weight and burn extra fat? Yes, this is true. Belly Dancing, infact, serves as one of the best ways to lose extra pounds and acquire a beautiful feminine figure.

Belly-dancing, an alternate route to work-out

Belly-dancing, an alternate route to work-out

Imagine doing a workout which is entertaining and easy to learn and easily helps you lose that flabby tummy and shape up beautifully. And with Belly dancing it is so true. The tips are simple. Eat healthy food, try recipes with less calorie count and suitable for dieters and contribute 1 hour of your precious time to Belly-dancing. And so they say ‘Health is wealth’, so cherish yourself and your body.

Belly dance mostly employs circular motions of the body, isolated in one part of the body; for instance, a circle corresponding to the floor isolated in the hips or shoulders. A belly dancer makes an outstanding motion in her shoulders or hips are common, which can easily we done depending on the body’s flexibility and twisting one’s belly muscles. Although, originally, Belly dancing also incorporates balancing of different props say baskets, swords or canes, and dancing with chiffon or silk veils. Now, this entirely depends on how you want it.

The origin of Belly Dancing is actually uncertain, but there are several different stories behind its origin. Some say it descended from Middle East and some believe it takes it roots from Greece from the period of Alexander the Great. Belly-dancing is thought to have taken it’s descend from a religious dance Temple Priestesses from ancient times. According to some, it had spread from the immigrations of the gypsies and related groups, coming from the Banjara of Rajasthan in northwestern India while, it is maintained by many that Uzbekistan is the place of its birth. The bottom line is, whichever place it began from and whoever started it, it sure is helping us today and we thank the person who gave us such a unique form of dance and entertainment, plus, exercise to remain fit.

The exquisite body movements in belly dancing make an excellent workout. In belly dancing, it’s your entire body in motion. So, if you haven’t yet considered starting an exercise, then take the initiative with working out through Belly dancing.

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Well there are so many ways to check and evaluate the behavior, attitude and most important, psychology of a person.

We will tell you some very effective and right ways to understand one’s psyche. Now we are going to tell you about the personality prediction through handwriting.

Some people give some handwriting tests for their self evaluation because they want to know where they stand in their psychology through their writing. Mostly people use to write through their right hand but some people write by their left hand. Also some use to write in the right direction, some write in left direction and some write straight.

Those who write in right direction probably want other attention towards them. These people love to attend parties & functions and easily make friends, as most of them have got friendly nature. They always try to create a balance in expressing their feelings and emotions. If they find any difficulty in establishing or maintaining some relation, than they might leave it without having any serious regret.

They are very soft hearted people and have lots of sympathies for others in their heart. At times they prefer to listen to their heart instead of listening to their mind. They usually forgive the faults of others, especially the faults of their family friends. These people easily got inspired by other personalities. They usually expect the same sincerity and sympathy by other as like they have for them but when they haven’t receive the same feelings, they got hurt.

Those people who have straight directed writing style, they prefer to listen to their mind instead of their heart. They mostly have some purpose in their mind, when they meet someone. They are not as friendly as those who got right side directed writing style. They are bit conscious to have some emotional attachment with some body. They want to know the characteristics of the person, before developing some relation with him/her. They mostly have normal, not very friendly attitude when they meet someone first time.

Those strange people who write in the left direction, mostly like to have distances among people and relations. These people love peace and quietness at times. They do not like gathering of people and parties. In fact if they go in some functions they mostly talk less and remain in their own world. They are also very keen & conscious about selecting friends and even the things they use. They are the people with the hidden feeling and emotions. They hardly express their feeling in front of people. Due to their cold attitude, sometimes people also avoid to have company with them.

They mostly have their aim or target in their mind, which they want to achieve at any cost. In achieving their goal, no matter goals belong to reality or not, they might behave as selfish sometimes. They think that people have good intentions & point of views about them but it might not be true at times.

Other then all these writings styles, there are so many other ways like those who have stressful writing and those who write loosely etc.

But you can easily judge a person through these major and general writings styles.

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Jasmine Lovers

Well people, it’s time to give you another fragrance of the flower, JASMINE.

Yes, this time we have come with the beautiful & cool Jasmine flower. This flower has about 200 species and most species grow as climbers on other plants.

Some of its species are, Gold Coast jasmine, Arabian Jasmine, Dwarf jasmine, Common jasmine, Yellow jasmine, Italian yellow jasmine, Japanese jasmine, Spanish jasmine, Poet’s jasmine, Primrose jasmine, Catalonian jasmine, Royal jasmine etc.The leaves of this beautiful flower are either ever green, means remain fresh green throughout the year or deciduous, means in autumn season its leaves faded and fall away.

Here are some of the characteristics of those who like this flower the most.

Those who like this flower are intelligent people, especially in their finances they know how to manage or organize their things. Mostly are extremist people, in some ways and want to work according to their own will. They love to have gathering and parties around them. They admire music, lights and colors. It’s difficult to deceive them, as they are in habit to go into the depth of the matters. Mostly they have got seriousness in their personality but they are sensitive as well.

Some negative aspects of their personalities are they generally believe what others are saying to them. This can be the reason of their conflicts & confusion at times. They can develop feelings against the society.

These people are hard working too, and they know very well that how to mingle among so many people. They really admire if someone talk to them polity. They like to follow the rules and regulations.

The biggest plus point of Jasmine lovers are that they love their family, religion, and spiritualism from the core of their heart.

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The combination of Black and White has always been on high ends when it comes to the fashion world. What’s more interesting is that more black and white mishmash dresses can be seen on display in fashion outlets or the ramp. Whether u prefer to wear it with a white blazer and skinny pants and ankle boots or a tastefully designed black and white tunic with opaque black tights and black shoes, it would still look instantly sophisticated and classy.

Black and White fashion trends

Black and White fashion trends

Even pattern mixing in black and white looks amazing and catchy. Try contrasting textures with a black and white print. While some of us feel like being dressed up in a waiter’s uniform at some fancy restaurant, it’s basically all about how you make it look like. Wear some nice black and white accessories to go along with your theme, , say a nice chiffon scarf, would accentuate the elegance of your dress even further.

Whether strips or a dotted effect, black and white hodgepodge has maintained a sense of comfortablity in terms of style sense since ages.

From period of Audrey Hepburn till today, many film and TV artists dressed in a Black and white dress, gleam and fascinate their audiences.

With newer fashion trends evolving in the diverse world of fashion, designers never quite experimenting with different hues and colors. With black and white always being a favorite combination, it simply never goes out of fashion.

This color combo is a timeless trend, which has remained in vogue for decades and will perpetually remain so, until some creative soul comes up with something to match with it.

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Hey all the girls out there. You must be knowing that there’s “something special” about wearing pink lip color on Valentine’s Day.  Let us help you to find the perfect pink for your pout. Consider wearing one of the following pink lips colors to get that *RIGHT LoOk*.

1. Bright Pink Lip Color
If bold and bright colors are your thang, then bright pink lip color is YOUR ticket out. It will truly give you a show-stopping look.

2. Rosy Pink Lip Color
If you’d like soft look then opt for rosy pink lip color. Imagine, rose’s light pink shade

3. Cool Pink Lip Color
If you are after wearning some cool color on your lips, then cool pink lip color is the PERFECT one.

4. Warm Pink Lip Color
If you crave more warmer look, then go for warm pink lip color.

5. Nude Pink Lip Color
The nude pink lip color will surely gonna make you look hot.

Okay… that’s all for now. I hope you get choose the lip color that BEST suits your mood, dress and personality on this Valentine’s Day.

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Sun Flower Lovers

Fresh Sun Flowers

Fresh Sun Flowers

Well people in our first part, we have told you some important features of the red rose. Now our second part is for those who like sun flower.

In this way sun flower admirers will know about some other qualities of this flower and some of their own personality characteristics as well.

Well those who are fond of this flower like to be loved, means when they love people but, they want the same love in response. They are peace loving people and like to have good friendship with other people. These are the people with the nice aesthetic sense.

They really appreciate good music and dance at times. They are jolly people and want to feel fresh & lively most of the time. Most of them have got the humors attitude. But their bad habit is that they are bit unpredictable, mean can’t be same all the time. They can have dual personality. They can easily manage both at a time, without mixing with each other. They hate restrictions. They can’t bear monotony in life for long time. They want variety after some time. They rarely do the true love, most sun flower have got the flirty nature. Either man or woman, sun flower lovers may not be so passionate and touch about their love. This is because of the reason that they are realistic people and do not live in the world of dreams. However, mostly sun flower lovers prove their self as good life partners. They are keen and conscious towards selecting their spouse. They are not as emotionally but realistic.

Like most people in the world, they love to fly at the top of their height. They usually easily overcome on their bad circumstances also they can be good businessman. They mostly do new experiments and they always hope for the positive results.

They nicely manage their finances and are careful in spending money. They are attractive in their personalities and mostly other people like them. They have ability to talk carefully and gently, that’s why they easily make their place in any situation. They also fulfill their assigned tasks very carefully.

They can be very good speaker and good writer, as they know how to express their self.

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Valentine’s Day – a day of love, a day when destiny works in magical ways to make you closer to the one you love. This day reminds us that love is the most beautiful creation, for it entwines our hearts and souls together in a never-ending bond. Love takes our soul by hands and leads us through a world of enchantment, merriment and boundless passion, where there is nothing but Love and its warmth spread far till the horizon.

Valentine Gift for that special somebody

Valentine Gift for that special somebody

Valentine today is celebrated all over the world, when lovers give away lovely surprises and gifts wrapped up in red and silver wrapping, with little red bows and frills. It is this day when they forget the past sorrows and move on in life, vow to remain together in thick and thin, in times, good or bad.

Getting a Valentine present is really the most difficult job, since all everyone wants is to give their beloved the best.

All you men out there, you should know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. So give your special somebody a beautiful diamond ring, a lovely diamond locket in 22 carat gold or a sparkling bracelet. Necklaces made of Swarovski crystal or a set of inspirational jewelry are great ways to express your feelings to her.

If you want to show your love to the one you cherish the most, then get a nice warm woolen scarf, along with nice jersey. Look out for great new styles, which come if catchy colors, including pink, coral, green, yellow and blue. Neck wraps look gorgeous and definitely nothing better than pashminas.

Moreover, for your kind of women, give her Romance from Ralph Lauren. It has a mesmerizing fragrance or The One by Dolce and Gabbana. Make her feel worth it.

Make the most of it this Valentine and but remember, give that special lady love the most, as love is what a women really wants!

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