Want Soft Heels

Many of us face the problem of dry and rough heels. So, if you want to have soft and smooth heels, than take good care of your heels in this way.

There are so many reasons of the dryness of the heels. The biggest reason is that the skin of our heels is very dense & thick; due to this natural oil of the body hardly reach that area. In this way the natural oil almost fails to keep our heels soft and temper.

For keeping our heels soft, we need external oils and extra care. So many oily products are easily available in the markets for maintaining our toes healthy.

Some experts recommend that it’s good to avoid anti bacterial soap for heels, no matter if they are beauty soaps as well. These soaps can cause dryness on your heels.

Now we will tell you some home made softening tips for your toes those suite better for your toes skin. It’s always good to do some massage specially oil massage on your heels gently.

Mix rose water with the glycerin and few drops of lemon and then apply it on your toes. It will make your toes soft and smooth. Also the mixture of turmeric and lemon considers as ideal. Apply the mixture of turmeric and lemon daily on your hands, arms and feet; and massage for about 15 minutes before going to bed at night.

Lemon actually cleanses your skin and turmeric makes it soft & glowing. The mixture of lemon and turmeric protect us to some extent from the bad effect of chemicals containing soaps and from the chlorine present in the water.

Prefers the creams contain apricot and honey, as they are full of nutrition and secure your skin from wrinkles. If you want to make your rough skin soft in short span of time then apply heavy quantity of softening or cold creams on your heels. Daily application of creams or lotion before going to sleep make your skin soft as soon as you do it.

So you need to give extra care to your heels for keeping them as soft as you want.

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