Flower Fragrance 3

Jasmine Lovers

Well people, it’s time to give you another fragrance of the flower, JASMINE.

Yes, this time we have come with the beautiful & cool Jasmine flower. This flower has about 200 species and most species grow as climbers on other plants.

Some of its species are, Gold Coast jasmine, Arabian Jasmine, Dwarf jasmine, Common jasmine, Yellow jasmine, Italian yellow jasmine, Japanese jasmine, Spanish jasmine, Poet’s jasmine, Primrose jasmine, Catalonian jasmine, Royal jasmine etc.The leaves of this beautiful flower are either ever green, means remain fresh green throughout the year or deciduous, means in autumn season its leaves faded and fall away.

Here are some of the characteristics of those who like this flower the most.

Those who like this flower are intelligent people, especially in their finances they know how to manage or organize their things. Mostly are extremist people, in some ways and want to work according to their own will. They love to have gathering and parties around them. They admire music, lights and colors. It’s difficult to deceive them, as they are in habit to go into the depth of the matters. Mostly they have got seriousness in their personality but they are sensitive as well.

Some negative aspects of their personalities are they generally believe what others are saying to them. This can be the reason of their conflicts & confusion at times. They can develop feelings against the society.

These people are hard working too, and they know very well that how to mingle among so many people. They really admire if someone talk to them polity. They like to follow the rules and regulations.

The biggest plus point of Jasmine lovers are that they love their family, religion, and spiritualism from the core of their heart.

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