What Is Your Skin Type?

It is not only limited to woman to take care of their skin. It is equally important for men to take care of skin. For taking care of skin the first and the most important thing a person should know is the skin type he possesses. Below are some skin types you can match your skin with one of them and note what should be done to take care of skin.

Normal skin

Normal skin is not one which is very dry nor is it oily. Pores are present on face but they are less visible. This is the best skin type but still there are some caring tips for such skin. The simplest thing that can be done to this kind of skin type is that you can apply foaming facial wash and massage it on upward direction two times a day. It will clear your pores and make your skin look fresh.

Dry skin

This skin type has a papery kind of texture and you feel dryness commonly around your lips. Whenever you rinse your face your skin gets stiffen. For this skin type you need a creamy cleanser. Apply it and clean it with cotton after the given time. Use moisturizer after every six hours to get liberated from the dryness on your skin.

Oily skin

Oily skin has a very greasy touch. Whenever you wash your face your skin gets very fresh but after sometime it gets shiny because of the oil on your face. For such skin type gently use foaming facial wash. Dry it with cotton wool and apply some light watery moisturizer and then clean your skin cotton. It will make your skin fresh and look glowy.

Combination skin

This skin type has both the appearances of oily and dry skin type. At some part of your face you feel dryness and at some parts you feel oil usually on your T-zone. Taking care of skin of this sort is a little different and expensive than other two skin types, as you need both moisturizers for such skin type. You can wash your face with foaming facial and apply thick moisturizer on your dry part and watery moisturizer on your oily part. You can also use cleanser on your dry skin.

Sensitive skin

Person who feels irritation, itching or burning on their skin have sensitive skin type. For this skin type it is recommended to use hypoallergenic cleansing lotion rather than using ordinary soaps or foaming face wash. Try to avoid perfumed lotions as they irritate sensitive skin type.

In changing weather of Pakistan it is very important for a man to take care of his skin. First thing to take care of your skin is to know your skin type and then follow the instructions.

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