Train your little one for healthy digestion

Teach the Child:

Old habits die hard. Improve your child’s eating habits to help the kid remain healthy by getting proper nutrients. Like you teach manners to the kids you need to tell them what is healthy for their digestive system. Kids need the food guide; they need to understand the food guide. Children from the age of 2-3 years old are at the age they learn everything so quickly. Why would they not want to learn about what they are eating?

A child between the ages of 2-3 needs about 1000-1400 calories per day, older kids and teenage girls should have an intake of about 1600-2200 calories and teenage boys should take about 2200-2800 calories. Children with extra physical activity on daily basis should have increased amount of calories. Kids need to be trained to enjoy every kind of food they should have a balanced diet with the right proportions.

Healthy Habits:

Sometimes the eating habits of the child can merely improve digestion. Children need to be told about eating manners. Some of the habits you can teach them are;

Eating too Fast:

healthy food for kids

Children often swallow the food rather than chewing it. If they chew well the food will be easier to digest. Besides swallowing food, the habit of sitting and taking in proper portions of meals during meal times helps the child develop a healthy digestive system. Do not get the child used to the grab-and-go food. No doubt it is easier to eat and feed but it is definitely not healthy. The slower they eat the more they enjoy their food and they eat as much as they are hungry for.

Tell the kids to focus on every bite this will create the awareness of what they are eating. Kids would know how much their body wants when they smell, touch and taste the food with full concentration so tell them to notice the food. Do not force the kids to eat because they might not be hungry let them feel hungry and learn to know what their body actually requires.

Cheat Days:

Give the kids incentive to have the healthy food. Like adults kids will do the positive act if they know they will get a reward. The kids might have easy access to the junk food if you incentivise them that you will treat them at their favourite place once a week or once a month if they have healthy diet every day they will have healthy food.

At least this way you can avoid their daily dosage of extra junk food and the drinks. Make sure you give them healthy snacks at home and you do not give them junk at home. Get the kids to have nuts instead of crisps or fruits and vegetables instead of fried snacks. Kids might like red pepper and carrots as they are sweet and crunchy vegetables. Great taste and good for digestion, if the kids love these vegetables what more could you ask for from God.

Healthy Drinks:

Healthy Drinks

Don’t give the kids the carbonated drinks at all; get them to drink juices, milk and milkshakes. If they do not have these drinks then give them water. Water would be best for their digestive system. Water clears out all the toxins of the body. Make the water, natural juices and milk easily accessible to the child. Whenever the kid is thirsty he/she can go and get it.

For kids to love the concept of water try adding a slice of lemon, orange or strawberry or their favourite fruit to their favourite glass or mug. So they are attracted by the look and it tastes good as well. This will help the children to develop another healthy digestive habit.

Less Technology Savvy:

Tech Savvy Kids

Kids today, have less physical activity due to technology advancement. Make the kids less tech-savvy and encourage them to go out and play for some physical and mental health. Physical activity will not just help the digestive system but it will also help boost the child’s confidence and self-esteem.

Healthy eating habits will help the child develop a healthy digestive system. Train the child to eat and drink healthy for life long healthy digestive system.

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