Tips for Planting Perennials

Perennials are unique and most liked mainly because they bloom only once or mostly just two seasons per year. Through the winter and by fall your perennials will be fully bloomed and ready to throw in the towel but, just to be on the safe side you need to make sure that your perennials survive the winter by the help of the following few duties and responsibilities.

Before we begin on the tips, let’s take a look at the perennials that cannot handle the rough weather well enough to be planted. They do not remain attractive all season long because some of them barely survive the frost.

Also, you must take extra care to throw away any diseased perennials and not compost the foliage. Bearded Iris, Beebalm, Blackberry Lily are some of those plants that will not survive because their tall foliage or the mildew will just throw away their attractive beauty.


Try to keep the foliage from collapsing by pruning because otherwise the crown might rot and borers will exist. Here a few healthy tips to plant your perennials the right way:

Perennial Garden

  • Always make notes. Note down what plants need to be moved, where to, what do you need to do to certain plants next year and so on. Late summer and fall are the perfect time to plant fall perennials. If you get all the planting and gardening right, the possibility of enjoying a colorful and splendid season will gloriously increase. Even if you already enjoy a full garden, there will always be a few empty spots that could be filled out by these perennials.

  • Make sure to make a list of which perennials you think would look best in your garden. Everybody has a different like and dislike of certain color type, size, shape of flowers and some of everyone’s favourite perennials are: Caryopteris, Chrysanthemums, Lobelia, Ceratostigma, Boltonia, Sedum, Aclepias, Angelica, Sanguisorba Officinalis, Eupatorium, Salvia and Aster.

  • Buy out only the most healthy looking plants in odd numbers, so much so that you have got atleast 11 to 13 different sets. Be sure to remember to buy these plants out in large numbers because this sheer number of flowers per plant will reflect how much this flower really likes to flaunt itself about. 

  • Next is to ensure that you have laid out flowing motion pots in your garden. Be sure to avoid any straight lines. Also try to take time out to fertilize the plants once or twice a month until the cooler weather sets in again.

  • Upon making sure that you have laid those pots according to the way you are going to like your plants best, you go ahead and start planting. Always be careful enough to plant deep holes, tamp the soil gently around the plants in order to avoid the existence of any air pockets.

  • The most important component of gardening will always be how regular you are in watering your plants. Just as important water is to the human body, it is to plants as well. Even in the cold weather, the plants need their water for their roots so make sure you water on a regular basis.

  • To ensure your perennials attain the best temperature protection, be sure to mulch them either in the growing season or provide a light layer of couple inches in the winter for maximum protection.

  • Make new beds if necessary. If you want to enjoy your prennials by the spring season then fall will definitely be the best time to begin. Use herbicide to kill the grass or just cover it with black plastic. Test the soil and add lime to it if necessary.

  • Be sure to take lots of pictures once your fall perennials are ready and blooming in your garden. Enjoy these new additions in your garden for as long as you can for they will definitely add to the scenic beauty in your magnificent landscape.

Who doesn't enjoy the year after year foliage and blooming of their fall perennials? These special perennials require extra special care when it comes to their gardening. Here a few quick useful tips that may come in handy when planting your very own fall

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