Summer Food Trends 2014

What matters in 2014 is all that is new and fresh and available at the local market. With the growing expenses over the years the trends change and evolve, this summer in 2014 the trends are all about keeping you fresh and healthy and have your skin glowing, and what impacts more on your skin that fresh food. 

So this year we have food that is locally sourced. From chicken to ducks to cows and goats, it matters that what you buy to feed your and your families bellies is freshly sourced and all good. Local food products are what you need; something is freshly cut and then freshly cooked.

Be good to your bodies this summer. Next up, it’s a green vegetable land. Radish, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, spring onions and what not. Needless of the time of the year, vegetables always keep your blood flowing and your skin glowing. This summer control the heat of your body by feeing yourself, your skin and your bodies with all the fresh vegetables of the world this summer in 2014.


For your kids this season, take up mince meat and mix them up with all the vegetables and fresh herbs to make your kids the enticing meal that looks healthy is healthy and is mouth watering as well. Feeds your kids happiness in health and in taste. Top them up with fruits like apples, bananas, and what is better than watermelon in the summer. Cut out cubes of melon and watermelon and have it lie in a bowl as your kids eat and play at the same time while you watch their health.


For energy give your kids milk, if they are not a fan of milk turn up your blender with milk and bananas or milk and chocolate or milk and strawberries or milk and mangoes. Blend up and churn up a lovely filled with ice milk shake and have it yourself with your kids to keep your energies up and yourself active.


Make cocktails for yourself at home and for your guests, with lemonade and sprite shake it up with mint leaves to leave your neck soothing and your body relaxed and wanting more. Eat grapefruit and have tons of water to drink to keep your metabolic rate active and your body toned and detoxified.

Have beans and pulses, Asian bowls. Make yourself a bowl of a fat free and health intrigued bowl of pulses and eat one entire bowl leaving you satisfied in flavor and in health. Take up peas and beans and make rice with either, this will make your food look colorful and healthy while it is actually colorful and healthy.

delicious dish

Green tea never gets old, with the rising heat one does not always feel like having tea, so make green teas the trend as it is. Do not drink up too much but drink enough to keep your body going and active while your metabolic rate also stays high. With a cup or two of green tea a day you can be healthy and watch your weight at the same time. 

Have fun this summer and play around with all the fresh fruits and vegetables and give yourself and your families a treat that is happy and healthy for them in summer 2014.


This summer people are coming up with idea to give you the cool food that you need to keep the sweat under control. There will be a lot that is being introduced this year all for your benefit.

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